Sunday, May 06, 2012

Of Springtime and Feet

Downey Service Berry in Blossom

I'll begin and end this post with recent pictures of spring flowers and blossoms and spend the rest of my time telling you about my foot ... without going into all of its unique and wonderful history ... to which the congregation said "Amen."

In its present flare-up, my ankle has been bothering me for just over two years. After re-aggravating it, I gave it a full year to calm down ... but it didn't. Only then, did I have my doctor request physio at the hospital. Physio is free at the hospital, but they have a long waiting list: so long that it took me more than a year to get in. I had originally expected the wait to be three months, and had I known how long the wait would have been, I'd likely have bit the bullet and paid for private treatment.

Then, a number of months ago, I began to have new symptoms -- pulsating pain in my ankle -- so my doctor requested x-rays and based on the results of those, she decided that an osteopathic surgeon should be consulted. That was last fall or early winter, and I had just about given up of ever being called in for an appointment.

Strangely enough, both the doctor and physio came through this week. The diagnosis is that I have a number of issues in my ankle area: loss of bone density, two bone chips, and a cartilage that is no more. Strangely enough, the medic's main concern -- the missing cartilage -- isn't where I feel pain.

The doctor then prescribed a cat scan, and I was also called for in for that this week, which made three medical appointments in one week after so much waiting. Like the doctor appointment, the scan took place out of town, so it's been a busy week or driving and medical appointments. My main disappointment was in not having an actual pussy cat do the scanning. What a letdown.

I don't know where all of these appointments and treatments are leading. The doctor mentioned the possibility or fusing the cartilage-less joint, but I am hopeful that physio can help. I was impressed with the therapist who took much time in diagnosing my condition and discussing it with me. I am so comfortable with her that I think that I am glad that I waited so long if that's what it took. I have had the foot analyzed by a physiotherapist once before, and this exam was much more thorough. After one session, the foot feels a little looser, so perhaps some progress can be made. Even if I can manage somewhat longer without undergoing an operation, I will be pleased. In the meantime, I am hoping to recover some more mobility and reduced pain when I walk, for lately when I do go out to try my ... er ... foot ... at walking, I just say that I am going out for a hobble.

Edit: They have me doing some leg strengthening exercises because my right calf muscle is 3cm  (>1") smaller than my left. I don't know if this will help my ankle at all or whether I am just doing them because it's a good thing to do.

Tulip just opening and daffodil just beginning to fade


Dimple said...

Your flowers are gorgeous, especially the last.
As for your foot, or ankle, or walk..., I pray for health.

MARY G said...

Feast or famine! Hope the physio will help. And that is a superb tulip

Lorna said...

I am so sorry that you're having all this trouble. I didn't realize how serious it was when you were here last. Dave swears by his physiiotherapist, and I know many people whose lives have been improved by theirs. I just hope you can get it fixed , even if surgery is necessary. People who spend as much time rambling as you and Cuppa need healthy ankles.
Let us know if you're in town and would like a pub hobble. There's still lots of places we haven't been.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Ouch, AC, foot pains are terrible, but then you already know that and we hope the new physio routine will help alleviate the pain. The flowers (finally) are lovely.

Mara said...

They don't have cats doing the scans in Canada? How strange!!

Hope your foot/ankle will be (more) okay now though.

Donna said...

Hahaaaaaa...Kitty couldn't make it?
I hope that darn ankle starts to get better soon Ac! Without Surgery!
Your flower shots are Gorgeous!!!!
But you already know how I feel about your photography!

KGMom said...

Oh, and I supppose you wanted a lab(rador) to do the lab report?

Ruth said...

Your ankle must have been injured in the past to have that much degeneration. I hope the conservative treatment works. Sounds like you found a good PT.

Diana said...

The spring flowers are gorgeous A.C. I think you will need to change your header photo soon!!
About the foot, I'm so sorry that you have to go through that pain. I have tendenitous in my right foot and when it pops, I can't walk through the pain it's so bad. I do have a boot to wear which comes in handy IF I feel it coming on. It staves it off a bit.
I think the leg exercises are a great idea. You'd be surprised how messed up the rest of my body became after my first knee went bad. It's probably what brought on the Tendinitous. So do what they tell you and ask about an orthotic boot to wear if they think it may help. Good Luck my friend, Love Di ♥

JunieRose2005 said...

AC, hope your foot is improving...and without surgery.

Your flower shots are wonderful, especially the Tulip.

Ginnie said...

You have really been suffering and I'm glad you're having it looked into. Keep us appraised and I hope it can be solved without an operation.
It must have been difficult for you to do all the walking that the photography entails ... but we've heard little complaining !

Ginnie said...

You have really been suffering and I'm glad you're having it looked into. Keep us appraised and I hope it can be solved without an operation.
It must have been difficult for you to do all the walking that the photography entails ... but we've heard little complaining !

Hilary said...

That sounds nasty. I sure hope the physio can help. Lovely tulip!

Jinksy said...

Good luck with the hobbling, but no luck needed with the clicking of your camera shutter - ace photo!