Sunday, August 15, 2010

Reprising Nikki Dee

There are, no doubt, a few quiet adherents to this blog who might like to see a few pics of the kids as a change of pace. I can't oblige totally because I have been deliberately leaving my camera at home when I go over. I have been doing this because there have been so many vacation pieces to wade through that I don't want to add to the stack too much. However, I did bring Nikki Dee over to our place for a short while and snapped a few. We had been shopping, and I needed to put some items in the fridge before heading back to her place. As it turned out, she was quite chuffed to be here for awhile, and that afforded me a photo op.

Sitting in the chair where we read and reading one of our books

She seems quite engrossed

Fooled you. I'm closing the book ...

And moving on the more mischief, Buppa.


Kila said...

Few gifts we pass on to little ones are as important as a love of books! :)

Mary G said...

She has a gloriously expressive face - rather like yours, I suspect.

Mary said...

AC, she looks so peaceful and serene...just beautiful.

Thanks for commenting on my hibiscus. LOL Everyone loved your comment.

Hope you're enjoying your summer.


Loner said...

What a charmer she is- I love the look of mischief at the end of your photo essay!

Bernie said...

What a beautiful child...:-)Hugs

Mara said...

Even two weeks away and you can see a difference! She looks more grown-up by the day.

Donna said...

Oh Ac, she's growing up So Fast!!