Sunday, August 08, 2010


I interrupt the trip posting, which shall soon continue ad nauseum, to rant-eth ... just a tad.

Not being the brightest lightbulb on the ceiling, there are some things that I simply don't get.

Six or seven years ago, my provincial health card completely fell apart. It was the cumulative effects of my ponderous posterior sitting on my wallet for several decades.

So, I got myself a new one: new colours, photo id. Spiffy.

It seemed like no sooner did I get it, than I reached a magical birthday and had to renew it. New picture, proof of citizenship, residence — the whole bit. When we moved, didn't I have to do it all over again. And now that five years hath yeah verily elapsed, I've had to go through the whole procedure yet again.

I really don't mind in a way because health care costs money, tons of money, and there have been scams. So, it's good to know that Big Brobro is keeping track.

Or is he?

Cuppa, who has a photo-less, old card never has to update her card. Never ever. Well, except to notify of a change of address when we moved.

Her card is the best part of forty years old, I guess, and she never has to prove anything to anybody. She and her card just keep on rolling merrily along the health care highway, apparently unseen to bureaucratic eyeballs.

Meanwhile, AC must do the updating dance every five years — or sooner — even though it has his photo right on the card and his sweet countenance doesn't change much from one half decade to the next: new photo, proof of citizenship, proof that he lives where he lives, the whole flippin bit.

Such bureaucracy doth causeth AC to shaketh his head—Eth.


Donna said...

Boy! Something is Seriously Wrong up there! BUT! You can't be turning in Cuppa to the authorities!! You Just have to realize that Women have the power...ALL of's our birthRight! Suck it up buddy!Hahahaaaaa....and besides, didn't you once say she made better coffee than you?LOLOL...
This is my "chain yanking" day...I am Woman...

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I with Cuppa. I have an ancient health card, no picture. It is falling apart. I a not even sure they would accept it if I ever used the health care system. Life in my walled destroyed it.

Friends have told me that they are now requiring cards with your picture and I will be sent a letter to renew the card. They have been telling me that for at least 10 years.

Do you think the government has lost track of me. Should I feel unloved?

They seem to have your number!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

AC, be glad you just need the card. Here we need the card, show our driver's license, and PAY UP FRONT just to see the b*stards. They have started demanding cash, too. If you use a check or credit card, they charge extra. And now I must stop commenting or I will start typing really really bad words.

Bernie said...

I am in the same catagory as Cuppa. I have had my card for at least 40 years, no picture. All they ever want is my Health Care Number......I have not had any problems, wonder why you have to go through so much.....have a great week.....:-) Hugs

Mary G said...

Similar story here - my ancient card requires no renewal and JG's, ditto, is stuck together with tape due to having been sat on a zillion times.

Ah, bureauocracy. Hmm. How do you spell that, she wonders.

You should see the hoops my neighbours are going through to get passports. It's just like croquet, with murder ball rules in effect.