Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Missing Photo

We're home! You may recall that the first post from the cottage was supposed to have a photo included. It didn't, but when I got home, I checked Google's Photos (or Picasa Web Albums), and sure enough, it was there. I know that some of you have recently experienced difficulty in posting photos, but when you upload to Blogger, they also get stored in an album. They may still be there if you check. From the album, you can grab the code and embed it back into a blog post. Which is what I have just done. It shows Cuppa and her sister warming by the stove while the furnace was valiantly trying to bring the cottage back up to a habitable temperature. It was fun. Really. But it's good to be home.


Woman in a Window said...

This kinda living looks familiar, unfortunately for me it's day to day and not a fun getaway.

Anonymous said...

They are cute as can be. It is not funny to be so cold, but they look like they are making the best of that.

Mary said...


I have warmed myself by the oven a few times over the years when the furnace stopped working. The ladies look quite lovely sitting there snuggling up to the stove.

I played catchup and am glad you were able to get out snowshoeing and to see some sights of nature.

Hope you enjoyed your getaway.

luna pie said...

hahah! too cute!