Friday, January 29, 2010

How's That?

About three quarters of an hour before we get to the cottage where we turn the car north from highway 7 to 62, there is a Tim Hortons. After several hours of driving it's a welcome stop, which we always visit both going and coming. This time, as we pulled in on the way to the cottage, we were amazed to find very few people there, for despite the fact that it is located in a pretty rural area, there is much driveby traffic that feels compelled to stop, and it's always busy. There was no lineup as we entered and headed into the restrooms.

I was stunned to emerge to a large crowd of high school kids who were on their lunch break. Obviously, there is a high school in the nearby village, and I asked, stupidly asked, the girl behind me how long it took to walk from the the school to the coffee shop. "About ten minutes," came the reply, "but I drive because I take the car to school." Silly me, of course she does.

What I again heard from the kids as they made their orders was the word BAGel. Over and over, a kids would order a BAGel, not a BAYgel. It seems that every kid of every generation automatically does this. Do they never hear adults saying the words correctly? Also, as far as I understand the rules of pronunciation, the a should be long, as in bay, so they should get it right regardless. But, no: they forever insist that it's a BAGel. And I continue to scratch my head.


Barry said...

Is that because they "bag" it?

I've stopped at that Tims many times and always had to line up. But I always wondered how they did in the winter.

Guess you answered my question.

Ruth said...

Perhaps the pronunciation is an Ottawa area idiosyncrasy. Bay-gel it is, but then, I avoid crowded Tim Horton restaurants.

Mary said...


Brandon does the same thing...BAGel. Then he tells me I say it funny. LOL I use Baygel. Haven't been to Timmies in a while.

Love the last photos of your cottage adventure. The very last one could be a picture on a Christmas card. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Looks like you had a great time.

The wind has died down this morning. Thanks goodness. Still bitterly cold.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I have never known why kids do what they do. Good bless them.

Diana said...

Mmmm... I shall ask my 15 year old to say bagel when she gets home! I am pretty sure that I would have noticed if she pronounced it incorrectly as we've often times bought them in the past! Maybe it's a regional phenomenon.
Love Di

Bernie said...

I think it is just a kid thing, they all want to sound the same... loved your cottage photos
....:-) Hugs

Donna said...

Even here in Texas we say BAYgle...NOW, I WANT one!!!LOL

Lorna said...

It's kind of endearing though