Saturday, May 03, 2008

Quirks? Me?

I have posted several odd things memes in the past, but I have been tagged by Amanda to describe six unspectacular quirks. That's hard for someone who is spectacular in almost every way, but I'll try. (said with humour doncha know)

I sometimes eat breakfast standing up. I really don't have to because I'm seldom in a rush in the morning anymore. But why not stand after being prone all night? It's not like I'm worn out yet.

I may sleep in three different beds/chairs in one night. Well, I may not actually sleep in all of them, but I might very well try.

I'm a finger-licker: my own fingers, I mean. If they feel dry, I find myself quickly passing my finger tips over my lips. I think I started this when I was teaching and was often handing out paper and trying to separate sheets. I now apply hand lotion frequently in order to fight the dry feeling that leads to licking. It's not a terribly healthy habit, eh?

I almost always wears socks during the day, even on a hot day when my feet are shod with sandals.

I am addicted to Diet Coke. I follow my morning coffee with DC. I follow most things with DC. I must address this quirk someday. I have stopped, albeit briefly, a few times, but I always start again because I figure of all the bad habits that one could have this one ain't so very terrible.

I often say words backwards. Sometimes I find myself saying some of these backwards words without remembering (at first) what they mean. I do this backwards thingie much less than I used to. I must be getting old. D'ya think?

I don't usually pass these tags along, but I offer it freely to any takers.


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

The last one struck a cord with me.
I taught myself to write words backwards (as if my handwriting is not bad enough). I often figure out people's names backwards. Mine is Nosnibor Pilihp . Do you think I sometimes have too much time on my hands?

Donna said...

Goodness, this one was hard!! Wonderful answers though..My Dad Had to have lotion on his hands all the time. He said if they felt dry, at all, he couldn't breath! Have a beautiful day!hughugs

Ruth said...

From someone in the health care field...licking your fingers and the DC! Well, you know what you should do. (You have been under the weather for a while)
The MMSE is a cognitive assessment administered to patients. The score is considered to be very significant. One question is spelling "world" backwards. And you have to count backwards by 7s from 100. So keep those skills up.
I think some people have quirks that I don't even want to know about!!

Pearl said...

backwards huh? like a spoonerism.

eating standing up might ensure staying awake thru breakfast although I have fallen asleep while standing up or walking.

Amanda said...

Thanks for taking part:) They might not be funny to you , but some of your quirks brought a smile to my face!
I understand about you dc addiction ~ for me it's pepsi max !

Thanks again,

Ginnie said...

Well, AC, all I can say is that your list of unspectacular quirks is pretty unspectacular!

Lorna said...

Socks! you always wear socks! I find that shocking!