Saturday, December 08, 2007

Lghting up the Night

... and our hearts

Have I ever mentioned that living in this town and in this area is sometimes very much fun? Yes? Are you tired of it already? Is enough enough? Well, brace yourselves then.

Friday evening found us in nearby Almonte for their Light up the Night ceremony. Apparently they have done this for seventeen years, but it was out first visit. As we headed toward town, I noticed a searchlight in the sky and then another. I scratched my head until the much smarter Cuppa speculated that it must have to do the Light up the Night theme. It had.

We arrived, found a stage set up at one end of the main street and began to listen to the music as various performers and puppets made their contributions, reminded us yet again of the abundance of local talent (Some of the performers and kids set to welcome Santa are on the stage below. Note two puppets on the right.)

When we paused to look behind us the whole street behind us was filled with fellow onlookers. (I know it's a poor photo, but perhaps it conveys some of the crowd that stood behind us.)

The music and ceremonies went on for about an hour and half or more, and, although it wasn’t particularly cold outside, my feet began to grow numb inside my uninsulated boots. Why oh why, hadn’t I worn my genuine winter boots? But hark! Just as I was beginning to grow faint and lose hope, lo and behold Santa appeared. Good. We could go home to warm up.

Wat! Not so fast! For there was to be one more event — the grand finale as it turned out. In the form of the Hallelujah Chorus accompanied by fireworks. It was quite chilling but no longer in terms of weather. In fact perhaps thrilling would be a better word than chilling. I managed to capture some of it in the clip below. Does it chill or thrill you just a bit too?


ChrisB said...

That does look like an entertaining evening. However not sure about standing that long in the cold. I would definitely have needed my winter boots~ hope you had a hot toddy to warm you up when you got home!

ChrisB said...

PS meant to say I enjoyed the video.

Ruth said...

I think one of the best things about the Christmas season is participating in community events like this. We were out at one yesterday (it isn't very cold!...only -2 to -4 here)

Donna said...

OH MY WORD!! I'm sitting here clapping my hands and I'm not even there!!! How Wonderful!! LOL

Cathy said...

WOWZERS! AC! Good job getting that in a video.