Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Speaking of dark chocolate (as I was just a few posts down), I am thrilled to report that I have added two more bars to my collection (see photo in previous post), which has not yet been consumed (at least in its entirety), I hasten to add.

But it does pain me greatly to tell you of this because I have already done so — written it up, I mean. For whatever reason, however, Blogger refuses to let me back into that post either to edit or publish, for it disappears from the screen immediately subsequent to me catching a brief glimpse. Go figure, eh?

Anyway, I now am the proud owner of two fine chocolate bars — Wild, 68% cocoa ,and Maracaibo Creole, 49% cocoa — that were created in Ludwig's country basement or kitchen or wherever. We met him at the MERA art/craft event way out in McDonalds Corners this past weekend. I'd show you the picture that I took for the previous blog attempt, but it also seems to have vanished — from my computer as well as from Google.

Ludwig is a former pastry chef at the prestigious and old-classic Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa. Now, he resides in the boondocks, earns his living in the tourist sector, and makes his own chocolate bars in the winter. Man, can he wax ever so eloquently on this, his favourite, topic. But I won't even try to repeat the lecture (said AC to a great sigh of relief from his adoring public).

The variety of life and human interest and activity sometimes stuns me. How does someone become interested in and get passionate about making chocolate in his house in rural Ontario? But, when the time comes, I will enjoy the fruit of his love and labour and rejoice.

PS: If you click on McDonalds Corners (here and above), you will be taken to a Google Map (I think), which is scrollable and clickable. I tried to embed it in the first attempt at this post and assume that's what went terribly haywire, so I'll just link this time. (Note: for whatever reason, you may just see a blue pin and nothing else if you click. That's because it's very zoomed-in. Just zoom out a lot to see the general location. I think Google Maps may not be quite ready for prime time as far as saving, linking and embedding, but they could become a great tool at some point.)


Simply Coll said...

As a true lover of Chocolate.. I am envious of your collection.

I too am also amazed at the variety in human passions. It certainly keeps life interesting.

The Google map worked fine for me.

Lorna said...

AC: go here: http://www.cocoacamino.com/en/prod_chocbars40.php
then go to Ten thousand Villages or Farm boy and try the Chili & Spice...yummyyy!!!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I previously had my say about politically incorrect chocolate.

I have another concern. Are you the Smudgeroo Guy? I got an email request to confirm I am a friend of said person who wanted be to include me in his facebook site. LOL

Pearl said...

Wonder why it's hanging instead of posting. Copy content into new post? A chocolatier near here sounds divine. New kinds are always interesting to try.