Friday, July 13, 2007

My Travel Bug is Toast

We sat in the park drinking coffee. Or, I should say, by the park in our car drinking coffee while it rained.

I looked way off to my left and saw the bridge of the highway crossing over the river. That highway is part of the Trans Canada Highway, and it made me a little wistful that morning.

Turning to my right, I opined to my dear one that I'd like to be travelling somewhere along that road or some such road. Except I didn't really mean it. What I meant was that it would be nice to be on the road in that moment: nice to be exploring something new or something barely remembered. What wouldn't be so nice would be to have to pack up and live out of suitcases in motel rooms for another month or two. No, that would really be too much of a good thing.

Some people, live for that good thing, however. I think of that kid in the old Ford (see post below) and how he had probably given up much to travel, for he had picked up a certain travel bug.

The bug really infects some folks. I once knew a father who despaired of his thirty-something son never settling down. He'd work just long enough to fund another trip. Second last thing I heard was that he had tried to cycle down the east side of Africa. The very last thing I heard was that he had to give it up because many of the locals weren't exactly friendly or sympathetic to his cause. I seem to remember dad telling me that the kids were fond of throwing rocks at that crazy white man.

I do understand that it would be easy to fall prey to the travel bug. Given unlimited funds, I could possibly be bitten. Maybe. But the other part of me thinks that I would get tired of it sooner rather than later. It ain't reality. Not really. Overdoing travelling would be like overdoing ice cream. After a while, as much as you like ice cream, you crave ... I dunno ... toast and peanut butter, I guess.


Coll said...

Every once in a while, I too get the traveling bug. But the truth of it is.. I then tend to get home sick far too quickly. :-)

karla said...

Mark and I often hop in the car and drive to nowhere in particular in search of new nooks and crannies to explore. I think that has been one of favorite pastimes since high school. Of course, we always have a Tims coffee in tow. The best part? No suitcase and no remembering to pack a toothbrush. :)

-epm said...
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-epm said...

Superb post, my friend. Superb. Your words ring true and clear to my ears.

As you know I too enjoy the call of the road from time to time. Yet, to live without an anchor for too long brings about a certain wistfulness for home.

But your wrong about one thing. One cannot overdo ice cream!

Dale said...

Balance, AC. That's the secret, I think. The right things in the right measure. All things in moderation. And yeah, epm, even ice cream, darn it.

Pam said...

Oh yeah, I know that bug.

thailandchani said...

I know the bug very well.. but also understand that with age, we want to be a bit more settled. The guy who worked only long enough to earn enough for another trip makes complete sense to me but wonder how it is for him as an older person.

At my age, I need a "home base". I do have that.. consider it to be Khon Kaen, Thailand. From that home base, I'm willing to travel anywhere, as long as I know I can always come back to it.



Cathy said...

Yes, I love toast and peanut butter if I can have a glass of milk with it.

I'm glad I indulged the travel bug (with moderation) while we were young. I'm so in sync with you here and understand that wistful pull when you looked at that highway.

ChrisB said...

I could easily have the travel bug if I had enough funds , which of course I don't. Having said that I have done more in the past few years than ever before. There are a few more places I want to visit before I hang up my passport! I wonder if I will manage it!

PBS said...

As I get older, travel isn't as attractive to me anymore. Once in awhile would be fun, though!