Thursday, April 12, 2007

But That Was Yesterday

... and yesterday's gone. Oh brother, is it ever as the photo demonstrates so aptly.

Snow After Crocuses

But we did do it right yesterday. Knowing that snow was on its way, I took some crocus pictures and posted them earlier today, and Cuppa and I also managed to get on only our second short bike ride of the season. As for today, you've already seen the view outside my den window as it appeared this morning. Enough of this, say I! In my refusal to be daunted, however, I offer several more crocus pictures below.

Yesterday, we made hay while the sun shone; today we munched on yesterday's harvest.






Pam said...

Yesterday's gone, alright, and there is potential for yet ANOTHER storm here in the northeast. It's steaming across the country and may end up here as a nasty 'noreaster. Aaaarrrgghhhh!!!

Coll said...

Still waiting for any signs of a crocus here.. but with temps predicted in the double digits it should be soon. Love the photos. Nothing says Spring like the first crocus.

Cate said...

Yesterday was nasty. I had an appointment, and it was like the citizens of Ottawa had never seen snow before, the way they were driving!

Gorgeous pics!


Cathy said...

Ya, know? What the heck would we be doing if we didn't have our cameras and cyberspace? If we weren't able to sort out our disappointments with this weather whilst creating amusing and pretty cri de coeurs? - Think of our poor ancestors. I'll bet they we're hitting the hooch by now.

Laurie said...

Very nice photos, AC. I imagine spring will show up soon. It couldn't be a moment too soon for me!

-epm said...

Well, I'm not jealous anymore... we had snow (and sleet and slush and rain) on Thursday, and as Pam said, we're expecting foul weather again on Monday

Thailand Gal said...

Unbelievable! What's with the weather there?