Thursday, April 26, 2007

Day 7 or Not?

I guess it's up to me to post the latest Smudge Update because Cuppa is already over there rocking the little one. She went over at six o'clock because when we got there several hours later than that yesterday, Thesha was at the end of her tether. You see, like many babies, Smudge's issues seem to come to the fore at night. Thesha had been up with Smudge for most of the night, and was just about beside herself by nine o'clock or whatever the exact time that we got there.

On the way over, I had mentioned to Cuppa that I wanted to give rocking a real try to see if I was still up to it. When our own kids were babies, I did a fair amount of rocking and quite enjoyed it. It was a great bonding time. I know it's not all that common in men, but I really enjoy babies, perhaps because we're on similar intellectual wavelengths. Anyway, I rocked the kid for about an hour and a half with good success yesterday.

Smudge Day 7

But there is a difference between rocking my grandchild now and rocking my own children back then. Then, I could rock at length without getting stiff and sore in multiple locations. Then, I could rock at length without my bladder screaming for relief. Now? Well, I guess I've given it away, eh?

Smudge Day 7

Meanwhile, I am experiencing other grandpa problems. For example: I was at great pains to figure out how I was dating my pictures. When I contemplated things in a fog last night, it seemed like I was a day out. In the method that I had been using, yesterday was day 7 and today would be day 8. But she's a week old today, so she's seven days old. It took me a while to sort it: yesterday was the seventh day of her life, but she is seven days old today. I can explain, but I won't bother because you're probably a lot brighter than I am and such concepts don't muddle your brains like they do mine.

Update: Cuppa just called, and it was another long, hard night for Thesha. Even now, the kid is awake and restless, but they're trying to hold her at bay and let Mom get a little bit or rest.


Cathy said...

This brings back memories (very old memories) of those endless nights. That is precisely why child-bearing is the dominion of the young. Can you imagine those 60 + year-old women who are giving birth?!

You are one lucky grandpa.

Heather said...

You're not alone - my husband has always been a HUGE baby fan. More so than me. When friends have babies, he's usually the first one of us to hold them.

Gina said...

Yup, Hubba-hubba loves babies as well, more than me.

And if I remember correctly, the first week was the most difficult, and then things smoothed out from there.

thailandchani said...



I certainly can't imagine trying to take care of a baby at my age.. at night...

Cathy is right. It is the dominion of the young.



mreddie said...

I know about grandpas - you are just trying to singularly slurp up all that sweet smooching from Smudge. ec

Judy said...

My husband is more of a baby person than I am. I've always felt that babies are out to prove that I am inadequate.

I have to say it again -

Smudge is a beauty!

Ginnie said...

She is adorable, AC...but I must say that you look a bit "tuckered out" in that photo.

ChrisB said...

Embee was not a rocker but he was good at pram pushing the grandchildren and he has been know to go for a car ride just to get one off to sleep.

Coll said...

This so brings back memories, especially of my second child. I think he cried steadily for the first two months of his life. I remember the exhaustion. One day I literally fell asleep while sitting up. Just for interest sake.. that same child who cried for the first two months of his life is now the happiest one of my lot. :-)