Friday, April 27, 2007

Little Miss Bright Eyes

... or Here's Looking at You, Gramps

Smudge Day8 or 7 Days Old a

We're slowing down on the photos but managed to take a few for her weekiversary yesterday. She didn't have the greatest night or day but by late afternoon, she had mostly settled. This was taken in the evening as we watched the Sens get by the Devils in what turned out to be close game.

One reason that we have taken so many pictures, aside from the fact that we are completely smitten, is that we know that babies change so very quickly in these early days. She sure couldn't open her eyes and focus like this a week ago and probably not even one day ago.


Coll said...

She looks to be looking right into your eyes. How adorable! My goodness .. she has a crop of lovely hair. :-)

Cathy said...

Oh my goodness! Can you believe that look?!

Happy Weekiversary.

Judy said...


Truly, she is AMAZING!

3 1/2 months until our grand daughter arrives, and I am SO excited.

mreddie said...

She sure is giving you the once over. :) ec

ChrisB said...

She looks so cosy and comfortable; and is really studying your face.

Kila said...

I've enjoyed all your photos :) She's a keeper! Congratulations, Grandpa!!

pupski said...

that is one seriously cute baby! congratulations! I wish my dad had been so supportive when my son was born - they are so lucky to have you!