Friday, June 16, 2006

Check That

In reflecting on comments made to the previous post, I don't suppose that I really meant "goals," for I don't really believe in the modern craze of goal-setting. I rather suppose that I meant that as we do whatever it is that we all do, we naturally set up targets of sorts. Naturally, I said.

For example, when we set ourselves down to write a blog, most of us intend to finish it — usually, but not always, in one session. The intention to complete the blog doesn't negate the pleasure that generally accompanies the act of writing. Or, when we get in the car, I'm sure that most people have some sort of destination in mind most of the time. But, depending on other factors, they remain perfectly able to enjoy the journey.

We all set targets all of the time. We target ourselves to get out of bed by a certain hour so that we can get to work on time so that we can keep our jobs and collect our paychecks at week's end. Although many jobs are less than stimulating, for most it is the job itself that causes discontent not the target of receiving a regular paycheck. And when that target, the paycheck, lands in our hands or bank accounts, do we not feel rather good about it all?

I think that targets are more likely to enhance rather than detract from an activity. It's almost invariably more satisfying for me to get on my bike and pedal with some purpose the ten miles to Appleby by the river than to meander aimlessly about town. And I will feel jolly proud of myself when I add a few more miles and make it all of the way to Almonte (pronounce it without the 'e') and back.

That will add to the sense of accomplishment that I already feel every time that I go out and cycle about the countryside. But I do enjoy the ride too.


Gina said...

Makes perfect sense to me!

I've got your back, AC!

megz_mum said...

I must agree with you - it is nice to have an aim for a ride, be it distance, venue whatever. It need not detract from the enjoyment. (did you notice I did not say "goal"?)

Bonita said...

Yes, process itself will be the delight, even with a destination in sight. You are so fortunate to still be biking.

mreddie said...

It's not that I don't have any goals, it is just that many of them are not very lofty - like getting out of bed by 10am. :) ec

Simply Coll said...

I, myself, am a very goal orientated person. My first thoughts of the day include formulating some sort of goals for the day.. even if it is just to get dressed. There is nothing wrong with setting goals in my opinion.. It certainly does not have to take away any enjoyment of the day.. and usually only enhances the pleasures once the goals (big or small) are achived.

PBS said...

I like walking with a purpose, a goal. That's one of the reasons, even though it sounds weird, that I really didn't like walking in the country that well. I wasn't really going anywhere!

methatiam said...

I have to say that goals are about all you can have when you’re working out at a gym. Not that the big, sweaty guy next to me and the unidentified stain on the carpet, the trainers who snigger behind their backs at those of us who are there for a reason isn’t wonderful scenery.
I just use the elliptical for an hour straight ‘cause it’s so FUN!



I’m going back to sleep now, bye.