Thursday, June 01, 2006

Not Just Yet

Just when I thought that I might soon get around to posting a real blog, I have been called away for a few days. But ... as you may have gathered by now, I post many more photos on Flickr than I bother you fine folk with. On one of the groups that I post to, this photo was blogged. The blog doesn't say much about the photo, but at least it was chosen. Hey, I'll take my three seconds (no fifteen minutes for me) any way that I can get 'em.

Have a good weekend, eh?

PS: Note that I'm just referred to as Anvilcloud on that blog, yet they still talk about AC. How weird is that?!


mreddie said...

Checked out the photo - great one, I actually made out Snoopy - and the elephants. ec

Turtle Guy said...

You're world-famous already... people are already ripping off your work!

...well, not really... they did give credit, now didn't they!

Nice publicity!

PBS said...

That's a great photo, no wonder they showcased it! Glad they gave you credit for it.

oshee said...

I love it when it says in the post:

"We can't live without AC.."

I bet that made you feel awfully good.
Beautiful photo too.

Matt said...

I love the new design so bright and cheery! :)