Saturday, April 15, 2006

Saturday Samplings

I must thank you for your kind words and comments to my Spring Tune Up post the other day. I really do think that I am more tired than moody, and I do believe that it stems more from poor sleep than anything else. I seem to go through cycles when sleep is more problematic than its normally problematic self. Last night, for example, I fell asleep right away. That lasted for about an hour before I began tossing and turning for about two and half hours. By then, even though I had originally promised myself to stay down for the night whether I slept or not, I was cussing moderately and ready to get up. Well, I did get up but decided to return to my own bed (from the guest bed that I had moved to earlier). For whatever reason, changing beds often helps. Last night, going back to my own bed did the trick. Usually, it is the leaving of my bed for the guest bed that does it, but last night it was opposite. This guessing game keeps life interesting, I suppose.

So, after several days of weariness, I slept for, perhaps, seven hours. It's not exactly enough to rejuvenate me, but I will muddle through. I am sneezing a lot and wonder if some early season allergy is affecting my energy? I don't think that usually happens this early in the season, however. Not that I ever suffer severely from allergies, but I, sometimes, seem to exhibit moderate symptoms.

This morning, we got the turkey in the oven. Cuppa did most of the work, but I chopped up the crusts, celery, and onion for the stuffing. The woman has a great idea: bring a greasy burger in for lunch. We frequently seem to do that when we cook the Christmas turkey, so why not for the Easter turkey? We don't do that sort of thing very often, so why not go a little bit crazy? We're just a couple of zany kids, you know?

Then, I read a few blogs. I typed out comments for a few — Mimico Musings and Maison Madcap — but didn't actually post either one. My comment to Dale was on the tasteless side, something to do with the original name of Mount Forest, and I felt that my comment to Madcapmum might have been a little controversial, and I don't feel like stirring any pots today.

I have been going through a bit of Sudoku phase lately. I hadn't played the game for several weeks, but I have played it numerous times in the last few days. It's probably best if I check my answers as I go. I get the logic, but, for whatever reason, I am prone to making careless errors — usually just one or two, if any, per game — but I may as well catch them early rather that at the end. There are lots of online Sudoku sites, but I prefer to play on paper. To this end, I have found that both USA Today and Newsweek have very good print features. They print a big grid, with the answers below (you can fold them under). While it doesn't do quite as good a job, I have also found that Sudoku Online prints tolerably well.

Not my usual type of post, a little more like journalling than what I do normally, but there you have it.



Granny said...

I'm glad today is a little better for you. I don't know if we need less sleep as we age or just are unable to sleep as much as we need but I don't think you're unique.

There are mornings I awaken as tired as when I went to bed.

Take care - turkey sounds good. Often on the day before a major production, we order pizza or I "cook" the dreaded hot dogs and tater tots.

george wesley said...

Have a great Easter...and I'm glad you have slept well.

Bonita said...

georgewesley forgot to reset - that was me...only one computer here now.

kathy said...

Happy Easter! :)

Dale said...

The importance of sleep cannot be overstated. Glad you're catching a few zeds, AC. And re: the original name of Mt. Forest ...
Doesn't Her Majesty have a grandson who's Harry as well?
PS. I always enjoy your journally-type of entries!