Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Rebel Ways

... or Porting the Camera

Well, I finally fell off my wallet and did it. I purchased my SLR Digital Rebel camera, about two years ago, but we have have an on-again off-again relationship, Mistress Rebel and I. While I haven't been seriously contemplating a divorce, I have recently been considering taking a second mistress. You see, Cuppa's little camera, a Canon Elph, is very compact, easily ported, and takes pretty good pictures. Mistress Rebel, on the other hand, is not only big but it is an SLR which really requires extra attachments, like a telephoto lens, if you're going to make it really work for you. So, you see, I have been thinking of buying a second camera, smaller than the Mistress but with a little more juice than Cuppa's Elph.

You see, because of her girth, I have, all too frequently, chosen to leave Mistress Rebel at home and use the Elph. But when I considered getting another camera, I realized that it would be of a similar ilk to the Elph (hmm ... I like that ... ilk to Elph). And why, pray tell, would we want two point-and-shoot cameras? Well, I would want a new camera for the reasons outlined above, of course, but there's a fly in that particular ointment — the Elph's photos, while not too shabby at all, simply do not have to crispness and resolution of the SLR.

By yesterday I had sorted my feeble brain through this dilemma and decided to purchase a very portable and convenient camera bag. It is really quite an engineering feat: a sling pouch that can very, very easily, be shifted from back to front (see the two photos above). Once I shift it to the front, I can grab my camera with facility. The photo to the left shows how well-designed this little beauty is. See all of the lenses and do-dads that can be stored? When I open the case to take a picture, I look straight down to the camera (not quite the view in the photo). I can easily grab the Mistress (oooh la la), shoot the picture, place her (gently and lovingly, of course) back into her niche, and sling the pouch to the back for easy carrying. It's really a very nifty contraption.

It's made by Lowepro, and, yes, it did set me back a little more than a hundred smackers. But after under-utilizing my camera, somewhat, for two years and then dithering about what to do for the last several months, I think I have made the right decision. You see, Cuppa and I are going to make a little trip to the Arizona and the Grand Canyon in a few weeks, and I quite look forward to having my camera much more accessible than it has been. I imagine that there will still be times when I opt to just use the Elph, but porting Mistress Rebel will certainly be much, much easier.



Bonita said...

I like the backpack. Very convenient for hiking. When we are canoeing, I carry my camera and video camera in a plastic box in front of me, so both are instantly ready. Hershey kisses are in there too...lets hope we never capsize. I'd miss those kisses.

methatiam said...

so when are you comming out?

megz_mum said...

That is a wonderful camera carrier! I think I will investigate to see if they are available here.

Dale said...

Grand Canyon?! You lucky ducks!!

mreddie said...

Looks like an excellent solution. Grand Canyon eh, careful not to fall into that large ditch out there. :) ec

-epm said...

We share a common frustration, AC. While my mistress is a Nikon D50, I often wish I had a smaller, more pocketable, "walkin around" camera. But, as you pointed out, I still want the image quality and flexibility of the dSLR.

This bag look like just the solution to my problems as well. I'm going to hunt this down myself.

By the way, did you get the 200 model or the 100? And did you buy it locally or on-line?


Heather said...

What a good idea! I have a Rebel too, but sadly, it's of the the pre-digital era. I got a point and shoot digital which is fairly good, but just not up to par with an SLR. I keep hoping some day I'll be able to afford a digital SLR. If/when I do, I may have to get me one o' them bags!

Mel said...

That's extremely cool! I can't wait to see your Grand Canyon pictures!

Iona said...

Wow, I'm very jealous now! That's a great camera bag! Something I would also like to have one day.
At the moment I also have a Lowepro, but it's the smaller Classic Top Load Zoom 2, shown on the Lowepro site.
It only fits one SRL with a 200mm attached lens. Any bigger telelens and it won't fit. No room to carry around extra lenses either, I would have to take my bigger bag, which is very uncomfortable while cycling.
So in the future a bag like yours would really welcome! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Have a great time at the Grand Canyon! I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures!

Simply Coll said...

I have been contemplating getting a new digital camera for the past year and I keep looking at the Rebel. I love the picture possibilities it promises but, I must admit, the size is a draw back. That is until today.. I love this caring case. Yup.. the Rebel is still a contender on my list.

Karla said...

You will certainly not be short of photographic scenery at the Grand Canyon.

It's probably of the most breathtaking and compelling places I have ever been.

I can't wait to see the pictures!