Thursday, April 13, 2006

Needed: One Spring Tune Up

After the initial euphoria that accompanies the coming of spring, I find myself in a bit of a funk. Maybe that's not the right word. I don't think that I'm so much in a bad mental place; it's more that I'm feeling very unenergetic. At line dancing the other night, I was distracted and frequently losing my place — forgetting steps, getting steps out of order, interjecting the wrong steps, etc. Oh, it wasn't all that bad. I mean, I really managed to stay upright and stumble my way through most dances, but I wasn't exactly on top of things if you know what I mean.

Cuppa asks me if I want to go for a walk, and I look at her as if she's lost her mind. I know that I should, if for no other reason than to build up my stamina a little bit for our impending holiday. But it seems like such an effort. She says: "Do you want to watch TV?" I just tell her that I don't care, that she can do what she wants, and I'll just sit there and stare at whatever she chooses.

We went shopping yesterday, grocery shopping. We simply had to, but if there's anything as draining and uninspiring as that chore, I don't think that I want to know about it. We watched American Idol again last night. No one has really grabbed me this year. Oh, I think that it's a pretty good crew, but I'm not a huge fan of anyone in particular although I do like Taylor, Kellie, and Katharine better than the others. Please tell me that it's not just because the two girls are gorgeous. Really, I don't want to think myself that shallow ... and I did like Mandisa too, y'know. Aside from Taylor, the guys leave me cool. I suppose that the rocker is pretty good, but a little rock goes a long way. Elliot has a good voice, I think, but he doesn't exactly inspire me. Ace ... well, beefcake isn't my thing.

Speaking of Idol (and just how did I get here anyway?), is anybody else wearying of the judge who almost invariably says: "Check it out dude, check it out. You worked it out dude, you worked it out. You know what I'm sayin'? You know what I'm sayin'?"

Do you know what I'm saying?

You see? I'm being critical, so maybe I really am in a funk. Once again, I tell myself that I should quit blogging ... and then I blog about it. Then I almost decide to jettison my Flickr account, and I poutingly determine to not go to the dance tonight, knowing, of course, that I will.

Last night, I got so very hot in bed — again! I hadn't slept or slept much by 2:00 a.m. by which time I was moaning over and cussing my discomfort. In my boiling state, I ripped off all covers and my pyjamas in an effort to cool off. That seemed to work, for I fell asleep shortly after. But, really, this nightly heat affliction is ... well, it's an affliction ... that's what!

What didn't work was listening to a book on tape ... or on iPod as is now the case. Cuppa does that nightly — falls asleep to a book on tape. It hasn't worked for me in the past, but I thought that I'd try it, on more time, last night. It almost seemed to work. I didn't hear very much of the first four chapters. I'd wake up and realize that I had missed a lot, and that pleased me. But then I turned it off ... and promptly lay there wide awake for quite a while. I changed beds and tried the book on tape again. I listened to the next four chapters: heard every friggin' word while becoming wider and wider awake by he moment. Turned it off and endured the heat thing that I described above.

You see? There's something just a little off-kilter? My stars may be out of alignment; I don't know.

But, I did make pizza yesterday for the first time ever, and it turned out quite well. I bought a pre-baked shell and spread pizza sauce on it and a can of Italian seasoned tomatoes, which I drained well. The tomatoes already had some garlic in the mix, but I added some Italian seasoning. The next toppings were the cheeses: grated Romano and thinly sliced fresh mozzarella. I sprinkled some basil and pepper on top. Ten minutes later at 425°F, we had a very nice, thin crust pizza for two. Except for the tomatoes, I have enough ingredients for another pizza, but not for tonight. We need to eat something less spicy before we go dancing, which I still don't really want to do ... but will ... if I can summon the energy.

Perhaps, I just need a spring tune up? How do you go about getting one of those?



Anonymous said...

Wow...if this is a pattern, maybe you ought to see a doc? You think your thyroid is working right? That gland controls SO many other glands within the body. Hope you can get some is miserable to feel not quite right!

oshee said...

It wouldn't hurt to see a doctor as Elizabeth suggests. However, it sounds like you are restless and maybe a tad depressed. I so can relate to so much of what you have described. Only, when I can't sleep like that I get up and play online games. I'm getting good at canasta ya know.

I am glad you haven't given up blogging. I would miss you.

-epm said...

Could your funk be in any way connected with any stress or anxiety you might have regarding your upcoming trip to Arizona?

Also, maybe it's a reaction to the move. I know you've been there for a while, but this is your first Spring in the new house, isn't it? New cycling routes to find... roads to stroll?

Chin up, ol' man. We'll get through this together. :)

Bonita said...

A Spring Tuneup - what a great term. I'll encourage you just to 'do the opposite' of whatever you are feeling. If lethargy wants a grip, dance to loud music in the kitchen. It is a matter of not caving in to it - and, I think this happens to all of us, eventually.

I started watching American Idol this season, with my daughter. I favored Taylor Hicks and Mandista, who seem to have the maturity to tour, promote, and sell their music. But, once Mandista took off her shoes, I knew she wouldn't hold up. That little Kelly deserves a break, a big win. Not to see either one of her parents on the show last night spoke volumes.

Cathy said...

Insomnia. Destroyer of equanimity:0) Ambien, Lunesta - both give blessed relief. Just be sure to be flat on your back and ready for sleep within a half hour of taking the pill.
Spring funks are as familiar to me as May Apples. It's got to be a neuro-chemical thing. I remind myself that they will pass as surely as the grass will green.

Melodee said...

Maybe you're just feeling sympathy pains for my family. My daughter had a 3:30 a.m. bath again last night . . .

I hope you perk up soon! (Though I like you kind of morose, too.)

Turtle Guy said...

How unsettling. I know for me, the pattern's been a wake-up at 4:30 every morning for the last... couple weeks. Sometimes I'll lie for a half hour, get up for an hour and back to bed for a half before starting my day. Today, I simply got up. And I wasn't suffering from heat anything. It was simply a full mind that wouldn't shut down. Adding a heat factor must be utterly frustrating. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Sarah Elaine said...

I'm afraid that I don't have any advice on how to get a spring tune up. I know that when I'm down, it's hard to pick myself up and keep going. So now, I just let myself feel blue and try my very hardest not to hate myself for it, knowing that it will eventually turn back to feeling normal again. At some point...

But even that is easier said than done.

megz_mum said...

I would love to say something supportive and positive, but haven't any words of wisdom. Maybe a bit more frolicking in the sun as sunlight makes "happy hormones"??
Don't stop blogging though - I like coming to visit you.

Gina said...

Oh, yes, perhaps you can join me in the Bum Thyroid Club. Although one of the symptoms for me was needing to sleep too much, not having trouble. But, each person is different. A simple blood draw can determine it.

Spring Tune-Up, eh?

How about breaking out of your routine? Doing something you never would have thought you would enjoy? I know you tried that with the line dancing, and it worked.

Mel makes me laugh, "I like you morose." Ah, that is part of your charm.

You had best not stop blogging!

Granny said...

Is this what we used to call spring fever? Or something darker.

Good luck with whatever it is.

Madcap said...

Oh, can I join the Bum Thyroid Club too? Sounds.... interesting!

I'll jump on that wagon too. Get the blood checked for thyroid and all the other oids, and if it's not that, well, maybe you should take up knitting? Or quilting. I'll give you online lessons if you like!.

Anonymous said...

I have been in a bit of a funk myself and can so relate to your words. Could it be that Spring is anticlimactic in some way. More than likely it is just the cyclical way of life.. up .. then down. Today was a little better for me.. I hope the same is true for you. I keep thinking of those words.. this too shall pass.

Mary said...

So I found another Idol fan, huh? I've seen your comments on other blogs and it's my first time visiting your site. I have to agree with you - I don't really have a super-big favorite this year. I really liked Mandisa and now that she's gone I don't know who to cheer for. I too like Kellie, Katherine and Taylor (my husband really likes Taylor) and agree that Elliot has a great voice. I also think the relationship that he seems to have with his mom is pretty cool, but he just doesn't wow me. Thanks for the "Idol-chat" - I think I've got it out of my system now.

Valerie - Still Riding Forward said...

A little spring tonic might help.
Sassafras and sage tea is one idea.
Fresh dandylion greens is another.

Or:"equal amounts of sassafras, burdock, sarsaparilla roots, blue burvene, wild cherry, dogwood bark, and mayapple root. Boil until a heavy liquid forms. whiskey was added as a preservative and the mixture was then bottled. She dosed all the adults in her family with one tablespoonful (the children got a teaspoon), two to three times a day for a month.

“Boil equal parts Sarsaparilla root, Wahoo root and Dogwood bark for 1/2 hour. Strain. Add enough whiskey to preserve liquid: Add 1 cup rock candy to sweeten. Give three tablespoonfuls each morning before breakfast.”

See the doc for the night sweats, though.

PBS said...

I'm in the "bum Thyroid club" hope you aren't! A lot of your symptoms match though. We used to have a spring tonic of blackstrap molasses and fresh clover. It worked really well, but of course I was a kid then and kids just go outdoors and play!

Christi said...

I can't stand Kelly b/c she makes us Southerners look so STUPID! The rocker guy is getting really old, fast. I like Elliot, but he's not much to look at. I'm all about Katharine and Taylor. I want them both to win!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing better than fresh mozarella! You went the right route with a premade crust. Sometimes any other sort of crust will get soggy.

Have you spoken to your doctor about your sleeping issues? I took Ambien for awhile. It works great!