Thursday, November 10, 2005

Success and Failure

The Goddess posted a meaningful poem today: Don't Quit. I often find myself glossing over posted poetry, but this one grabbed my attention.

I was really taken with the Winston Churchill quote posted in the comment section of the same blog: "Success is moving from failure to failure, without loss of enthusiasm." It's one of those statements that strike me as being so very true, kind of an axiom that I don't question. I decided to repost it here because I couldn't remember the exact words and had to go back to the Goddess'es Blog to look it up. Now I have an outside chance of finding it on my own blog if and when I need it again. I'm not a quote kind of guy, but it reinforces my other one: "The only failure is in not trying."

PS: For those who remained confused over the issue, until further notice, this is my active blog. The other blog is, for now, a place to experiment in the making of blog templates without causing the eternal ruination of this one. Sorry for the confusion.


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Meadow said...

I'm glad you liked the poem and that quote. I found them quite moving as well.