Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reading and Snowshoeing at the Cottage

I said that I would experiment with emailing a post, and since I like to think of myself as a man of my word, here I be.
There's a whole different pace (or lack of same) to cottage life, let me tell ya. Aside from email, I am pretty well without internet (which I prefer not to capitalize -- I mean to say it's not truly a proper place like Belgium or Botswana). So, I am reading more, to the point of beginning a book last evening and finishing it around noon today. When Cuppa and I browsed the local library prior to this little hiatus, my eyes happened to spy a new (for me) British mystery writer: Simon Brett, whom I found quite palatable if not as gripping as Peter Robinson or Elizabeth George, for example.
In point of fact, I can't recall the last piece of fiction that I read. I did give Dan Brown's latest the old college try but wasn't exactly rivetted. Actually, I put it down before Christmas and forgot that I had been reading it. However, I dusted it off for this vacation, cracked it open, and found that it was more interesting as I neared the climax. Interesting, but too macabre for my taste as having a guy locked in a box being slowly filled with water isn't my idea of pleasant reading. So, I gave it up for good and turned to Brett who unfolded an interesting but sedate whodunit sans frantic chase scenes (although I have to admit that someone did get shut up in a fairly tight space -- thankfully, just not quite that tight!).
We'll soon head out for another snowshoe trek through the woods. Although there has been recent melting, there is still about a foot of snow in the woods, so the shoeing is pretty good. There even remains snow on some branches from past falls, which is pleasant to the eyes. Also, we have had some pretty flurries today, which have ceased for the moment. Although temperatures haven't been frigid (hovering around freezing), you'd think it would be cold enough not to sweat too very much whilst on a snowshoeing excursion ... but you'd be wrong. We both returned drenched yesterday, and I've concluded that if one could and would snowshoe for an hour per day, one would soon become relatively fit. Hmmm ... maybe I should spend the rest of the winter here.
Now, let's see if this posts.


Mary G said...

Snow on the branches - lovely unless you dislodge it and it goes down your neck. Hope your SS have cleats; it's more than somewhat slick in our bush when the snow is this wet.
Yeah, an hour a day around here would do it - everything is downhill until you start home.

Woman in a Window said...

I'm full of envy. Snowshoes and books and peace and quiet. I'm in! Heading to the East coast soon and although I might now have the snow to tromp, I'll certainly enjoy the quiet.

Have fun!

jinksy said...

Who'd have thunk snow shoes made such hard work of walking?! :)

Anonymous said...

Boy you are really working out there. When walking is that hard it has to be good for you. Looks like things are getting through.

Barry said...

I had trouble getting into Brown's latest book as, but found it better nearer the end, like you did.

Maybe I should have saved it for the cottage.

Lorna said...

It sounds like heaven---except the outside on snowshoes part.

Mara said...

I know cycling home with all my extra winter gear on can leave me not quite drenched, but halfway there certainly.

Enjoy your books and your snowshoes and of course the company!

Ruth said...

The first time I used snow shoes I could hardly walk for 3 days because of sore muscles. Snowshoe walking is particularly good for the derriere.

Donna said...

Haven't thought of Emailing a post...I'll check it out though!
Y'all stay warm and enjoy that cottage!!hughugs