Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One of Life's Mysteries

Since I know that the previous email post worked, here's another little postcard from the cottage before we return to the land of telly and internet sometime tomorrow. I also know that the subject line of the email will become the title that Blogger uses, so here's my mystery.
I want to know why the same rigorously controlled temperature can seem wonderfully warm and comfy sometimes and so cold at others. We have been keeping the thermostat steady for the past few days, and for the most part I have been quite comfy womfy, but right now my hands are dreadfully cold, and I am almost shivering under my multiple layers of clothing. So, that's the mystery to which I will expect there will be a perfectly lucid explanation, perhaps several, from my brainy and distinguished colleagues in blognotdumb.


Anonymous said...

I have often wondered that myself. I will be following closely to see if you get a logical explanation.

DHV said...

I have two things to contribute. Firstly I think it depends on how much you're moving around, whether you've just eaten or are eating, and whether you're tired.
I've also often wondered why it is that if the weather is hot, and you set your airconditioning to, sy 20 degrees C, that feels just comfortable, or a trifle warm even. But if the weather is cold, and you set your heating to 20C, that feels decidedly cool, and you may even need to wrap up a bit. This is something that's always perplexed me.

Diana said...

I also have had this problem. I think DHV is right. I know that if I am tired and relaxing, I feel colder than when I am up cleaning. It's a matter of the bodies adjustment to climate change as well.
Love Di

Barry said...

That is a mystery. We get a cold spell in the house around 6 pm, for some reason its at the same temperature as always!