Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I'll Ramble Ifn I Wanna

Four o'clock and all is ... Well, well ... I don't know if it's exactly well. I mean it is four o'clock, and I am up, and I don't really wannabe.

I slept lightly ... very lightly for a few hours ... in three different places: my reclining easy chair, the guest bed (which is now more like my bed), our bed, and back to the guest bed. Eventually, the waking, tossing and turning frustrates me, and I get up with a cuss word or two.

I console myself with a snack (no wonder he's fat, Momma) partly because it seems to change things, change the rhythm of one of those nights. (Why can't I spell rhythm after 62 years? It's one of those words that won't stick. I can usually get it if I really concentrate, but who can concentrate tonight?) So I eat my bowl of corn flakes, nibble a chip or two (as if someone can just nibble a chip or two), grab a caffeine-free Diet Coke (which I simply call a Caf although you'd think a Caf would have Caf but that's just a Diet. Sometimes, we just go by Gold or Silver instead of Caf and Diet but we hardly ever have that classic or Red stuff around here.)

I peruse Reader for stuff to read, but most sane people don't post in the middle of the night, so there's not much joy to be had there. Oh, Bernie is sick (poor thing) and Garnetrose has had issues with sewage and daughter being sick, but that's it. Even the over-the-pond-ers such as Jinksy have yet to post. So, I decide to write my own stream of consciousness with lots of parentheses and ellipses and stuff. Good ole stuff. Before I originally went to bed I did read a bit from The Jesus Dynasty. Did you know that there is a lost year in Jesus life in scripture? It was the year after he was baptized by John the Baptist or John the Baptizer? There's nothing about that year in the gospels. It is thought by author James Tabor, at least, that Jesus spent that year baptizing like his cousin but further south than John. (You see, he does read books too, my dear.)

I'm using Word. I always just type right in Blogger, but I'm using Word tonight (he's such a rebel). My word, my Word is new. Got the 2007 Home/Student version (with Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote, whatever the heck that is) on sale. Got it, so I might as well use it (he said fearing that if he had to type until he was sleepy, it might be a very long blog post -- a war and peace post, perhaps).

Ifn's I stop now and find a spot to lay me 'ead, I wonders ifn I might sleep. Maybe I'll tri (which means try in one of my tri sleeping spots).


Barry said...

I enjoy Tabor's speculations too. Did you know he has a blog as well. Its at http://jamestabor.com/blog/

Mara said...

I am so sorry we 'other-side-of-the-ponders' hadn't posted when you were not up to sleeping! I hope after writing that fantastically funny post you were able to get at least a bit of sleep in.

Mary G said...

On my next white night, I am going to post 'Are you there, Anvilcloud?'
I trust you can nap through the day - saves me from baggy eyed mania.

Bernie said...

This was funny A/C, sorry you didn't sleep well. That's all I seem to be doing......:-) Hugs

Bachelor said...

I have the same problem of sleeplessness. I try to read too. It happened last night between 2-3am. I got up and had some fatfree hot chocolate and did some reading in my current reading, Elizabeth George's "A Place of Hiding". This is the last of her murder mystery series. Its a good read. Sounds like you are into an interesting book there. Even so, Lord Jesus, Come! Until then, we'll have to deal with what he has so purposed our lives. Have a great day, my friend! The Bach

Ginnie said...

Well, at least I know that I am not the only "kook" in the world who can't sleep. This happens to me about every 8th night and I usually end up reading into the wee hours. You put your unrest to good use and blogged !

Lorna said...

sorry I wasn't awake in solidarity with you last night. I had an uncharacteristically deep sleep, and woke up feisty. I think it was because I had promised myself a raisin brioche if I slept like a normal person. gourmand therapy.