Monday, April 06, 2009

A Convergence of Two's

Be careful for the planet is in a powerful phase, and it's all our fault because we have caused what is known cosmically as A Convergence of Two's. Okay, so I'm making up the cosmic part but not the two part. You see, Cuppa has recently turned sixty-two, and even more recently Zach attained the ripe old age of two months. Meanwhile, the fabulous Nikki Dee will become two years old within two weeks. All this within the passing of one calendar month. So, be afraid; be very afraid.

I haven't been posting many photos of Zachary lately, partly because he's always about the same. Most often, he's sleeping, and when he's awake he's generally looking about placidly. It's even easy to forget he's around. To wit: we were over for dinner, so he was placed out of sight and out of harm's reach (aka Nikki Dee's reach) while we were eating. He was awake the whole time but so quiet I forgot all about him. To this day, that has never ever happened with his big sister. For some strange and inexplicable reason, one is always aware that Nikki Dee is in the room.

Nevertheless. we do mange to get snap some shots from time to time, and here are a few taken on or near his second month birthday.


Mary G said...

An absolutely gorgeous child. I especially love the second-last shot where he is Glowering at Grandpa. Is he going to have red hair?

KGMom said...

The many moods of Zach.
Sounds like he might be a typical second child--a bit more laid back than that first born.
Ahem--I am a first born. We are much harder driving than our more placid second sibs!

ChrisB said...

I just love all the facial expressions he is such a handsome little chap.

jinksy said...

Great smiley moments before the serious business of sleep calls in the last shot! said...

Ok.. I admit it.. I am a little freaked over all this two business. :-)

Don't you love how every snap gives a different expression.

Mary said...


He is absolutely adorable. Nothing melts my heart like photos of a baby and Zach could easily steal my heart.

Beautiful shots! Enjoy him. He won't always be this quiet.


Donna said...

Gads, this Really makes me miss having a baby in the house!!!! Great photos sweetie!!hughugs

Ruth said...

He is changing quickly. I love this set of pictures, particularly the second where he looks so intelligent.

Pearl said...

What vivid facial expression. it must be hard to get so many photos that work of someone so wriggly.