Monday, April 06, 2009

Speaking of Spectacles ...

... as I was the other day, Somebody got a little silly the other night when we were visiting the kids. The hat and ball came from a collection of hand-me-down goodies that were brought over by a friend that day. She grabbed the sunglasses that were already in the house. And so the fun began.

She was getting a lot of reinforcement through family laughter, so she made the rounds visiting this person and that person.

At the same time and not visible in the previous photos, she was also wearing rubber boots from the new grab bag of goodies that I mentioned.

Of course, some one of the rest of us had to get in on the clown act. I mean to say, she deliberately ta ta-ed these items to me. I don't know why she picked Buppa, but what could I do but comply?

A good time was had by all, but some might have had more fun than others.


Woman in a Window said...

Next time you fiddle you should sport that hat with those glasses. Very hip, dude.

Donna said...

Hahahaaa...You look Very wise...Obewan!! May the force Stay with you!!hughugs

Ginnie said...

Silly Grandpa...Those boots definitely are your color!

Mary G said...

You'ld fit right in up here in the valley. Well, not the boots. Boots have to be black with an orange sole.

She's one gorgeous little girl.

Ruth said...

I wouldn't advise you to step far from home with that get up! Grandpas should be fun...the only one I got to know sure was.

Amanda said...

The hat suits you!
Looks like the little one had lots of fun dressing up Grandpa!

Mary said...


You are a marvelous Grandpa. Nikki Dee will remember all the fun and silly things you did with her and those are great memories. She'll look back and say, "My Buppa was the greatest."

We have about 2 inches of snow on the ground. Not what I was looking forward to in April.

Thanks so much for you comments on my poem. I appreciate your friendship.