Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's Cooking?

As a guy blogger, I don't much get into exchanging awards and gifts, but when Donna offered a Slow Cooker cookbook I thought I'd throw my name into the hat. We purchased (actually used points) a slow cooker recently, but we haven't used it much, so I got off my high horse and asked to be included in the contest. A few days later, Donna let me know that she had chosen lil ole moi and that the book would shortly be on its way. Well, it arrived and looks quite usable. So, thanks Donna.

Now, I will now formally go back to being aloof and withdrawn ... when it comes to awards and exchanges. :)

Meanwhile, since we're all here, I will stay on long enough to say that we went on another bike ride yesterday. Aside from the normal rises and falls, it had one fairly significant hill that we barely survived, but survive we did. Barely. Talk about puffing and panting. That's good for me though, right?

This is also the final day to file taxes, and I must do that and then figure out how to pay them. Fortunately, the simplified two-line form does help with the filing ... if not with the paying.

Line 1: How much did you make last year?
Line 2: Send it in.


Judy said...

Line one and line two are just TOO TOO FUNNY!

And, I LOVE my slow cooker. I don't even bother with recipes. Just throw something in it. Then let it do the magic!

Mara said...

I'm just thankful the Dutch Tax Office deemed me fit to not having to do my taxes each year. And I will keep that up as long as they do...

Mary said...


I need that two line form. I have to get mine done as well.

Congratulations on winning the cookbook. You will find some nice recipes in there, I'm sure.

Many bloggers take part in Slow Cooking Thursday. They have a lot of great recipes. Some can be found on my friend Mari's blog.

Enjoy the slow cooker. It makes life so much easier.

Have a great day.

Amanda said...

Congrats on your win!
As for the bike ride ~ no pain no gain, or so they say!

jinksy said...

I'm still trying to get my head round a slow cooker that makes a meal in minutes...

Donna said...

So glad it arrived safely! Enjoy all that cooking! And you BETTER enter if I do this again!!hahaa..night ya'll!hughugs

Woman in a Window said...

hA! Gotta love how the government has simplified it all for us.

thailandchani said...

Let us know when you try some of the recipes! :)