Thursday, February 15, 2007

An ... er ... em ... Day

Some days are pissy; some days are much more literally pissy than others. For me, despite it's tender connotations for many, such was my Valentine's Day. But that was yesterday, and yesterday's gone.

You see, although it's been deucedly cold this winter, at least for the last month, it hasn't been so terribly snowy here. That's good in a way because, yesterday, I was scheduled to get up at the crack of dawn and drive out of town to meet with my friendly urologist. Ah then, does my use of that word begin to grab ahold of you now? You see why I had to use, eh? Good, I'll therefore stop using that word which may be unpleasant to some. From now on, we'll call it an ... er ... em ... day.

But that's also bad because the weatherman decided that yesterday was precisely the appropriate time for a glorious snowfall. Indeed, the weather on the trip was rather ... er ... em ..., for I was forced have to drive in the season's worst snowfall yet. However, although the highway wasn't bare pavement, it wasn't really all that treacherous either although the ... er ... em ... drivers in front of me who were travelling at an astounding ... er ... em ... 50k/30mi per hour must have thought otherwise. Talk about ... er ... em ... drivers! Just ask my roadrunning SIL, I'm not exactly a speed demon, but really now. So, after following these ... er ... em ... drivers for about ten minutes, I decided to pass. No problem: they were simply over-reacting, and I was able to proceed fairly safely and cautiously to meet with my ... er ... em ... doctor on time.

So look, I was only expecting the appointment to take a few minutes for all one is asked is to empty one's interior liquid contents into a computerized container which measures ... er ... em ... flow rate. Easy right? Well, wasn't I surprised when they asked told me to remove my clothes? Then I sat and waited ... waited ... for quite a while before a kindly nurse must have noticed my crossed legs and my tortured expression. Finally was permitted to ... er ... em ... , and, thankfully, nice nurse was so kind as to leave the room for these ... er ... em ... parts of the procedure. But then: "Now, please go back to the waiting room, Mr Cloud, and we'll do it again in a while."

Sigh. After waiting for about another half hour, we repeated the ... er ... em ... procedure, whereupon she said, and I'm not making this up, "The doctor will have to see you next, but he's in surgery and might be another hour. But you can put your clothes back on." Double sigh.

... meanwhile the snow is gently falling and the roads are gently clogging up even more ...

All in all, a ten minute ... er ... em ... job extended into two hours (I know that it should only take ten minutes because I've experienced it before), not counting the extended time that it takes to drive about in inclement weather conditions.

And well, some of you may remember me getting very sick back in October after having a more invasive ... er ... em ... exam performed on my body. Did I say that I was very sick afterwards? Oh yes, I see that I did, here and here. Truth be told, it took about two months before I felt completely well again after that infection. For many nights during that somewhat trying interval, I went through several changes of attire because I'd sweat through as the saying goes.

Well, in a few weeks, the ... er ... em ... doctor wants me to do it all over again, just to clarify things, doncha know?

So you see, Valentine's really was a ... er ... em ... day, very definitely an ... er ... em ... in these here parts.


Cate said...

Sorry you had to brave the ... er ... em ... weather yesterday for your ... er ... em ... appointment. The weather was pretty nasty here. Fortunately I was one of the lucky ones who got to stay inside!

methatiam said...

I can see where you didn't have a good Valentine's day, but I can't imagine trying to convince Hallmark to create a Urine Sample Day card either.

If the last time made you ill, refuse to do it again.

Pam said...

That surely was an er....em day, no doubt about it.

Coll said...

I frequently have to take my mom to her various Drs appointments and one of my chief annoyances is the fact that these appointments almost always take several hours.. with only about 10 minutes of that time being spent with the actual dr. Many times I feel that they seem to forget that our time is as valuable to us as the doctors time is to him. My blood is starting to boil just sitting here typing about this. Mom has several appointments booked for the upcoming months and I am not looking forward to them.

I hate driving in snowstorms.. that must have been one very long day for you.

I wonder if starting a course of antibiotics prior to your next procedure might help illeviate the chance of another infection occurring. I certainly understand your concerns.

Laurie said...

It doesn't sound like much fun to me either. Here's hoping that your next er...em appointment is less time consuming.

Thailand Gal said...

Er... em... well, yeah! That certainly sucks alright.

Bad choice of words. Sorry.




Valerie - Riding Solo said...

I feel for you friend.

Hope today is better!

Steffi said...

Oh sorry to hear that you had not a good Valentines day.I hope today is better!


marmalade said...

yikes. no fun at all.

photowannabe said...

Whew. What a um..err We have had a simular day which I will talk about in my post tonight. hang in there. This too will PASS.

mreddie said...

I don't envy the doc visit, which can be irratating - in several ways - but I sure would like to see some snow down my way. Of course very few folks down here know how to drive in it anyway so it's probably just as well. ec

Kila said...

"...he's in surgery and might be another hour." ?!

Not sure how I would have handled that one!

Cathy said...

Wow. I'd have been . . er . . em'ed - too.