Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Day After the Day Before

In the weird turnings of the earth on its axis, today was opposite of yesterday — not a good day. No, I'm not being moody or flighty. Something that I'm not going to talk about, not right now anyhow, came up. It sent me reeling for a while.

My reaction, or part of it, was odd. You see, when I'm not sick, I only average about one nap a month … for about 10 minutes. That's about it, no matter if I've been sleeping well or not. As it turns out, I have been sleeping pretty well lately, but I still crashed for about an hour today after I was confronted with potential problem. I felt as though the stuffing had been knocked right out of me, and I simply had to lie down. I may have slept for a few minutes of the hour, but my body, soul, and spirit sure needed whatever rest I got.

So, you get up and you plug on through because there's not much else you can do. And then you get more information, and you find out that just maybe everything will be okay. Or not … but you plug ahead anyway.

In my case, plugging ahead meant that I would try a new soup recipe for supper. It was a chicken and corn chowder concoction, and it was absolutely scrump. Maybe I'll even post it tomorrow.

In the evening, I had no desire to distribute goodies to the neighbourhood, would-be goblins, so I kindly let Cuppa handle that chore while I decided to work on my blog template. As you can see in the header graphic, I did dress up and get in the spirit of things last year. I know that I should have got a Halloween theme template up before now, but better late than never, I guess.

PS: Hah! That phrase would-be goblins reminds me of when I was young and I started to listen to football games on the radio. Let's say the Alouettes were playing the Rough Riders. I kept hearing the announcer say things like, "The runner eluded the would-be tackler." It confused the heck out of me. How the heck did a team called Woodbee get on the field, I wondered.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Good lookin' template. :) Anyway, sometimes a temporary escape from the world is a good thing! Hope you hear the best possible outcome on whatever caused the trouble. :)


Thailand Gal

Life's Laundry said...

It's a roller coaster ride, back and forth, up and down. Hang on and rest when you can. What am I saying? I'm preaching to the choir. Take care :)

Anonymous said...

Cool! You are getting more like GOOGLE now, putting up new templates for every special occasion!
As for sleep . . try drinking half a bottle of Whisky!
Works for me!

Karla said...

Technically, if you are like the malls, you should have had your Christmas template up about 2 weeks ago!

Gina said...

Oh AC, I hope that whatever it is, everything will be ok.

Sometimes the best thing is to just power through the day so as to sort of keep your mind thinking about other things rather than the thing-you-don't-want-to-think-about.


squire said...

Hang in there, my friend. Tomorrow will be better ( or at least different).

Bonita said...

I trust your resiliance and good cheer, your humor and intelligence. Whatever is thrown your way, you are in good hands, too, with Cuppa at your side. I too had a similar day, with very bad news from the opthamologist, which caused me to sleep 12 hours last night. Today I will bake bread,then go for a long walk. I plan to REALLY, REALLY look around.

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

I call it "blowing a fuse". You just have to take a break while the body and mind adjust to the heavier load it's asked to carry and sleep is the body's way of holding you in place while you deal with it and you reset your fuses.

Prayers, friend.

Coll said...

Hi A/C. I hope everything is OK. Sometimes life is just plain hard.

Turtle Guy said...

About the would-bes... I love it... more ambeguity from the English language!

Cathy said...

My husband, like your Cuppa, also had to face the front porch ghouls alone while I held down the couch.

This waiting for health bit is rough going. I love the fact that you're cooking and would love to have your Chicken and Corn Chowder recipe :0) I need inspiration.

Granny said...

As you said in your comment on my post, poor you.

Sorry I've fallen behind on my reading and hope things are going better for you.

Anonymous said...

Every time you change your template your blog comes to a standstill for me! After a few days I figure out that I should try "refresh", and hold-and-below! there you are a several days' new posts.

All the best with your health. It can be a real frustration and worry.