Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's My Sweat ...

... and I'll Complain if I Want To, Complain if I Want To ... la la la

Well yes, it was another rather hot day here in The Capital. And while Methatiam is no doubt correct (in yesterday's comments) about it being hotter in Phoenix than here, let me tell you that I'm not calling our home and native land The Great White North today. In this humidity, you can't move without sweating. If you don't believe me, ask me if I really had two showers today. Oh yes, I certainly did. And the day's not over!

Shower #1 came after our bike ride. We went in the morning to avoid some of the heat, and I'm sure it helped, but we certainly broke a sweat as they say. Although I'm not sure if it really counts if you break a sweat simply by scratching your elbow or something of the like.

Not being terribly clever, I deduced that after showering, I should do some yardwork. Right AC, not clever at all. Hence, Shower #2.

This evening, we thought that it was getting cooler, so we shut off the AC (the other AC) and opened the windows. We shouldn't have. No really. For I am nigh unto dripping again, just from the exertion of moving my fingers, you see.

I know that it will get hotter, and I shan't keep nattering on about it. Promise. But it's still May, and I reserve the right to harangue the world, which is pretty well what I am doing right now, when temperatures go into the nineties before June. I mean, it's another three weeks until it's officially summer. Good grief Charlie Brown.

Back to Arizona photos. I am switching from Canyon de Chelly to Monument Valley for the time being. It was our mostest favouritest part of the trip, so I will no doubt have more photos from here than anywhere — before I'm done if not already.

The first photo shows The Totem, The Dancers and the Mother and Child. If you go to this version you can see notes as to what's what right on the photo.

Cuppa took the next two as is quite obvious in the first. In case you miss it here is the clue: look for who is holding the camera to her eyes. I also thought you'd like the old sign in the last photo. I wonder just how old it is?



Heather said...

I love the photo Cuppa took! The others are good too, but that one has a particular whimsy about it that's fun.

Arctic Fox said...

I have to say I don't envy you - that is just too hot! I am presently above the Arctic Circle in the NWT and although I am tired of the snow and below 0 temperatures (yes, it snowed yesterday and dropped down to -2 early this morning), I am not looking forward to heading to humid Ontario this summer! I much prefer -43 windchills to +43 humidex readings!

By the way, I am not sure how I first found your Blog, but I do enjoy dropping in for a visit :)

Turtle Guy said...

I'm not surprised that you required a second shower for having busted out into the garden... this from the man who scalded himself with hot soup? Hee hee... well, we know the soup was worth the sacrifice, and I trust the experience with Mother Earth was also worth a second shower.

I love dropping by for the photos, you really do an amazing job!

megz_mum said...

I am surprised to hear you have airconditioning in your homes when you live in such a cold climate! That is the beauty of blogging - lots to learn!

Sue said...

Well at least you HAVE air-conditioning! We will in our new house, but only have one unit in this one, and it's broken. Thankfully it's not quite so hot here as it was last week, but I agree.. temps shouldn't soar in late May!

BTW your weather forecast thingy in the sidebar must be wrong, it's showing no more than about 26C for today and the next week. Or else you're going to have a nice cool spell for a while.

methatiam said...

... on the other hand, there is definitely an argument that if you’re not hotter, you may very well be more miserable.

Hope I cheered you up!

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

You can always find more clothes and blankets to put on to keep warm, you can only take off so much and then you are still hot...LOL!

I'm with you. It was too hot this weekend for the time of year.