Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Just Checking In


Well yes, it has been a while between posts. Has it not? Visitors and tasks have been keeping me busy. One ongoing task is to keep plugging away at our Arizona photos. I seldom post or print a photo that isn't touched up in some way, so it all takes time. Most frequently, the touching up has to do with brightness and minor sharpening — at least if the photo is halfway decent to begin with. One thing that I am doing better with most photos at picture-taking-time seems to be composition; very few of the Arizona photos have been cropped in any way.

These two are both from Canyon de Chelly and rather speak for themselves. In the second, below, Cuppa gazes up with the guide and Aussie Glen. One thing that I do like about most of the Arizona photos, apart from rocks and scenery, of course, is the sky. It is quite clear, blue and wonderful in most of the pictures.

Meanwhile, let me tell you that it's hotter in Ontario today than it ever was in Arizona. Oh, not necessarily in temperature, but it will get close to 90°F today, and with the load of humidity that we get it will feel about ten degrees warmer. That's the official line, but compared to Arizona heat, I think the difference is greater than that. But that's just me.

In any event, we have shut the house and put on the air conditioning for the first time this year. While we'd really like to put this off until June, it can't be helped. The forecasts tell us that after some rain and thunderstorms, temperatures will revert to more seasonal norms by the ends of the week.



karla said...

It’s funny how a little humidity can make the heat so incredibly unbearable. I know when we were in Nevada and Arizona a few years ago the 100oF + weather didn’t seem all that bad because it was such a dry heat. Oddly enough, I could barely pee despite the gallons of water I drank. That desert heat just sucks every last drop of moisture right out of you.

Even frosty winter weather can be deceiving. I find winter’s here in the city much colder than the Snow Belt up north where I grew up. We might not get much snow here near the lake, but the dampness puts a wicked chill in your bones.

BTW...I snooped through all of your 100+ vacation photos yesterday! They are just stunning.

Turtle Guy said...

It's quite alright by me that you've been a while between posts. I haven't had a chance to drop by for a bit!

Stunning photos, and I understand completely WHY you touch them up. It's the same reason I've been working on this blasted Rock Sampler for Music Mondays over at the Armchair. I think tonight I've finally got it! Fingers crossed...

...and if I haven't said it recently, I so very much enjoy your words.

Bonita said...

We're back, and like you, pouring over photos. But, my son made some changes on my computer, so now I can't get any of them at all. Time for repairs....Gatoraide, anyone?

Granny said...

Glad you're checking in.

Dale said...

Hot is hot, I think. It was 33C in Mimico this afternoon.

I am LOVING my new air conditioning!! I am so comfortable inside now. I can sleep so nicely.

La-la-la-la-la!!!!!! (That's the song for my happy dance.)

Dora said...

Can't resist sharing that our high today at our home was 97F with a humidity of 97%. heat index was 112F

And I must add that your photography is what initially drew me to your blog last year this time and I STILL think it's incredible.....just like you :)

oshee said...

Beautiful pictures. You have a great eye for them.

We are expecting 110F all weekend long. The summer is here.
(Altho I would not wish for you humidity right now.)

PBS said...

Nice photos! We have much hotter than normal weather too, like late July or August weather and it's still May!

Madcap said...

My outer leaves are wilting just thinking about heat like that!

methatiam said...

+10°F (humidity)

We still have you beat by 10°F

Yeah, lucky us!

mreddie said...

Great photos as usual but I have a question - Is that a person near the top of the rocks in the second one? Maybe I'm just seeing things. ec

Anvilcloud said...

Hey mreddie: there's nobody there. Check large version here.