Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Home with an Overview

We are back to our digs after a week in the country. The week began with torrid heat which was a problem because I did not bring summer clothes for a Canadian autumn in mid-October. I went for a walk -- two actually -- and returned sweat-drenched. My dear sister-in-law found a pair of shorts for me. That heat lasted for two days; a day or two later, we had frost.

I am going to present -- in photos, of course -- a brief overview of the week. There may be more detail later.

We take the backroads to the cottage when feasible, although no route is exactly a turnpike. This adds an hour or two to the journey but allows us the occasional stop if we are so inclined. We only stopped once on the way. There were better photo-ops that this, but even on the backroads, pull-offs are not always ubiquitous. The colour was very nice for much of the week even though for the most part we were past the peak and much fall had taken place.

There are acres and acres of forest at the cottage. I took this shot of one of the paths that Brian, my brother-in-law, has cut through the woods. It was a gloomy day for the most part, but a patch of sunlight caught the path. Gotta love the leafy carpet.

We took a few little trips from the cottage. This is Eels Creek taken from Apsley. I wanted to get a little blur on the rapids, so I used my neutral density filter for a long exposure -- a short long exposure of one second. I like the patch of red at the end.

Another day saw us travelling in the other direction, which included a trip up to Eagle's Nest in Bancroft. We could drive most of the way to the top and just needed to hike the last little bit. I took this on the trail to the outlook.

Back down in the town, we found an old truck with vegetation growing out of the trunk.

One morning we had a touch of frost, so I got my macro lens out. I haven't used it much all summer as there are landscape scenes to shoot, so I found myself stumbling a bit in my attempts, but here is a close-up showing a leaf rimmed in frost.

My sister-in-law, Heather, got into the bird-feeding mode, and set up a different station every morning. This was the first station, on a set of old wagon wheels. They were attracted to a loaf of bread that Brian had baked. Heather added some peanut butter and seeds, and the birds, mostly blue jays, loved it.

After a week, it was time to return home yesterday. The day was cloudy and drizzly (see the blank sky in the photo), but we still saw some wonderful colour. As per usual, we mostly drank-in the beauty as we drove past, but I did make a few brief stops. This is the Madawaska River at Camel Chute.where the Matawatchan Road becomes Centennial Lake Road.

Knowing me, I will likely post more photos in the coming days, but I wanted to publish an overview post. In due course, I will get to your blogs, but I can't promise to actually catch up: maybe just pick up.


Mage said...

Just stunningly beautiful stuff. Thank you so much.

Marie Smith said...

Just gorgeous!

Country Gal said...

Fantastic post and photos .

Doris Potter said...

Beautiful images! I especially like the composition of the first one.

Vicki Lane said...

Wonderful shots! I'm beginning to think we won't have autumn color.

Virginia Dean said...

What a lovely spot to visit. I got a kick out of the old truck. I found something like it when I visited Alaska years ago. I'll email a copy of it to you. Loved the photos in this and your last entry.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Welcome home, John, and thanks for posting all these wonderful full colors today. We're heading out on a weekend getaway and I would be hapy to even have one shot as lovely as all of these. Hard to believe you had a brief heat wave and then frost. Mother Nature is surprising!

Mara said...

That top photo is my favourite even if you say a lot was gone already. Over here, everything was just about to change when we were hit by one storm in September and then another one last week: there's hardly anything left now.

Jenn Jilks said...

You must have had a wonderful time. A great time of year.
Happy you enjoy playing with your photos!!!