Saturday, October 27, 2018

Autumn at the Cottage

We have been home for more than a week, and I continue to work through photos from our week-long vacation. I took more than 1000 photos, over 600 of just the birds from the recent posts. I know when I take them that most will be sent to the recycling bin, but I still get some satisfaction at the time, looking for a decent composition through the lens — at least as far as scenic shots are concerned. For the birds, however, I mostly just set up the camera and fired from a distance, knowing that a few might work. I had also intended from the start to merge some photos together to get more than one bird at the feeder. Despite this, I think I have said that my two favourite blue jay shots were single photos when the natural light was propitious.

I want to return to the autumn theme today showing photos just on the cottage property at which we stay. It's ~130 acres, primarily of forested land. The Crowe River forms what is more or less the eastern boundary of the property. A county road splits the property in two, and the western side (the house is on the eastern side) is hillier, rockier and more interesting ... to me at least.

But let's begin with the cottage side.

How nice is this single, red maple and its reflection by the edge of the river.

In the woods by the river, I liked this shot of orange leaves hanging over the river beyond triangular branches.

I really like this simple photo of sumac with trees (dead) and fog in the background as the sun begins to light the day.

A macro on our one frosty morning.

On the other side now. It's rockier and hillier. Just beyond this clearing there is a drop into a depression that is filled with trees. The boulder must be a glacial erratic left behind by the melting glaciers about 10 000 years ago.

I have gone to the edge of the ravine in the above photo and taken a panorama of just the trees. This pano is composed of 10 photos.

Another multiple-shot pano from a similar spot. I like the depth; having the stump in the foreground helps that.

And one more pano, a vertical one this time: a vertorama as it were.

As you can see, I like the effect of vertical tree trunks against a colourful background, particularly if I can find a foreground element or frame (although I don't always nail the focus).

I'll leave you with one more shot (for now anyway) of Sue tossing milkweed fibres in the air on a little stroll that we took.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I can easily understand how you would have taken so many shots during your cottage getaway, John. It would be hard not too knowing that editing and deletions can come later. My favorite was the red maple reflection, but then all were so colorful.

Shammickite said...

Autumn provides some wonderful opportunities for photography and you have taken full advantage of it this time.... lovely colours and photos.
My Armstrong maple in front of my house is supposed to turn red in the autumn, but so far its just an uninteresting brown. I think there might be something wrong with it.

Vicki Lane said...

So much beauty. The reflections are marvelous. I'll enjoy your pictures as it looks as if we're not going to get much color here. The leaves are just turning brown and dropping.

Jenny Woolf said...

Hey what a beautiful place! Lucky you to go there on vacation. I liked the reflecting red maple best. We don't have them here and I always love to see them growing wild like we did in Japan. I did try to subscribe with email to your blog, that's what I meant (sorry, didn't notice any other way). Anyhow I'll try to remember to visit.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful- the first shot particularly!

Mage said...

I learn something from you everytime I visit. These are glorious. I like sue there...with the butterflies around her. The Vertical panorama is powerful as is the one below it. You had so much fun taking these, and I really understand. Thank you.

Marie Smith said...

Glorious autumn, captured beautifully, AC

Doris Potter said...

Gorgeous images!

Jenn Jilks said...

I suppose all of this is gone now!!!!