Thursday, August 03, 2017

A Sleepover At Last

We have owed JJ a sleepover for weeks now. He was supposed to go first, and we had his date lined up, but then something or other intervened, so Danica took his spot. We finally remedied that situation on the weekend.

They usually get a sleepover treat when they sleepover, and this was no exception, but there's no picture, so we'll move on. Move on to Movie.

JJ gets to bring or pick a movie, and this time he chose Robin Hood — again. And we watched it with him. Again! There's something comforting about routine sometimes.

Sometimes, he likes to snuggle during a movie.

He still gets a bedtime story when he's here. He found Hansel and Gretel and hadn't read it yet, so it was a good choice.

At other times, like the next morning, he took over my computer space, not to use the computer so much but to begin to craft a comic book. We had found some images on the computer for him to work from.

As the cat hovered.


Tabor said...

These are precious times to keep in photographs.

Marie Smith said...

How great to have the grandkids for sleepovers. We love it too!

The surprise is the cat is still alive!

MARY G said...

He is getting so big. How the years fly. Also, grandpa, very handsome. The kid, of course.

Debbie said...

so nice that you still have these moments!!!

Mage said...

Just and all. How is her figure coming?

Shammickite said...

Nice to have just one of them for a sleepover, you can concentrate on the individual grandchild. I'll be in the same position this weekend.... oldest grandchild here all weekend, the others will be away until Sunday. We'll have a movie, and a bedtime story, just like you! No cat though.

Jenn Jilks said...

I love the cat supervisor! We wrote a story about the train station. We're presenting it to momma for her birthday next week. Early party...Sat.

Donna said...

Loving the tongue out position while engrossed...Hahaa...our Will use to do that!