Sunday, August 20, 2017

Odds and Ends

Posting has been slowing down recently, and since this pace, or lack of same, will likely continue for much of the next week, I'll try to put a little something together. At times like this, I sometimes just make a list, but I never know what I'll include when I begin. 😀 So, here we go.

  • The weather has mostly been cloudier, rainier and cooler than is the summer standard, but it has been more summery than previously for the past two weeks or so. However, right now, I am thinking of switching from shorts to light track pants as the breezes float in through the open windows.
  • That doesn't mean that it's cold exactly, but due to nerve damage in my back, I have sensitive, cold spots on my lower legs, which feel better when wind is not blowing directly on them. Weird, I know; I am nothing if not weird.
  • We are getting ready for some company next week. The forecast seems positive at present. We are also due to care for our own grands, so it should be a full week.
  • We have been doing some cat-sitting for the past week. Shauna was called away for a week-long conference, so we've been dropping by for an hour or so to feed and cuddle the kitties. Sid, especially, likes to snuggle and be petted.
  • Speaking of cats, Bella is still with us and halfway into her fifth month. I was going to write a four-month report but didn't get around to it. maybe I'll manage for the end of the fifth month. Basically, I am a little worried about her health these days.
  • I am going to pre-cook bacon this weekend. With company coming, we may do a big breakfast/brunch one day, and I find it easier to have the bacon pre-cooked. It nukes easily and well, and we can concentrate on getting other dishes such as eggs, pancakes, or french toast ready.
  • Speaking of weird, once again, I shaved around midnight the other night. Yup! I shaved to go to bed. Being bearded but trimly bearded, I generally shave every second day. This is mostly to get if off my neck where it gets very scratchy. The scratchiness was driving me crazy when I was reading, so I got up, shaved, and read a bit more before trundling off to me repose.
  • I have been reading a fair bit lately, mainly Ann Cleeves: not Anne of Cleves, I hasten to add. She has a few mystery series: Vera, set in Northumbria, and Shetland, set in um ... Shetland, the Scottish islands to the north of the mainland. I am quite enjoying both series, which have also been adapted for TV. They're on Netflix, I think (or maybe we saw them on Acorn) and are both worth watching if you haven't chanced upon them yet.
  • Having watched the series, I hadn't realized that they had been adapted from novels by Cleeves. But when a favourite author, Louise Penny, recommended her on Facebook wall, I was keen to look them up and was delighted to find that our town library carries them.
  • And speaking of Louise Penny, her newest novel comes out shortly. Sue will get the audio version, and I'll probably read it that way.  I can get into audible versions although, in general, I prefer to read books tin the time-honoured way.
  • Last point: we needed to check out something at the textile museum in Almonte this past week and saw this gigantic quilt that was made my ladies from all across the country for Canada's 125th anniversary. Now, 25 years later it is being shown for our 150th anniversary. Each square comes with a story, and there is an accompanying book also on display.

I took the first shot through the doorway to try to capture a sense of the scale.

The next two shots are closer, in order to see the detail a bit better.


Marie Smith said...

Wow! That quilt is incredible! Hope you have a great, though busy week, AC.

Shammickite said...

I noticed a book by Anne Cleeves at our library yesterday but didn't get it.... but the name stuck in my memory.
I have just acquired Netflix so have been looking through all the titles available. Not much time to watch during the summer, but I'll enjoy it once the evenings draw in. I prefer British shows. And I started watching Detectorists, hilarious!
Nice to know Bella is still enjoying life.

Haddock said...

shaved to go to bed? But then I do it some times if I have to just get up and scoot off in a hurry.

Tabor said...

Wow on that quilt. Lovely. Sorry about the cold and hope ours is not so rapidly on its way.

Jenn Jilks said...

How lovely!
I'm so sorry for your health issues. My knees have been sore, but I see why!
Good luck with company and the cat!
I love the idea about precooking bacon. I don't know if I could do that, though. I'd be too tempted!!!
Talk to you soon! Cheers to your lovely wife. She is gorgeous!

Debbie said...

wow, see that, you came up with lot's of good stuff!! i ALWAYS precook bacon, i cook a pound in the microwave, between paper towels and then we have it on hand, for breakfast and the ever popular BLT'S right now. i am not a cat lover (sorry) and i am also not a reader. i like to spend my spare time on crafty projects!!!

the quilt is gorgeous, what a great piece of history!!!

Mage said...

I always like lists. :) Enjoy your visitors and kitties. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful quilt with us. All that work and creativity. Wonderful.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Nice to read your odds and ends list, John. Thanks for the tip about Anne Cleeves. The series Vera is on Acorn but I have never watched it and may do so based on your recommendation.

Tehachap said...

Hello! Mage sent me a link to your page. I remember seeing something about contributing to this quilt (or perhaps a different one) for Canada's birthday celebration. I had no idea it was going to be this huge! Awesome undertaking, and one that will be treasured by all Canadians. Thanks for taking photos of it and sharing them. Regards, Carol Westover (aka Tehachap)

Mara said...

That is a big quilt. I am usually of the 'have square pieces of fabric and sew them together' variety, so I am always impressed by what other people make in quilting.

Great to hear Bella is still trundling along. Cats are strange creatures, always surprising us.

Ginnie said...

Well, you covered it all in this post AC ... even to the night time shave! Since you told all those personal things I will tell you that today would be my 59th year wedding anniversary had my husband lived.
We made it to 32 years and I have wonderful memories.

MARY G said...

Tha t is some quilt. Great capture.
I see the dragon tea took place. Hope you missed the rain!! Regards to niece and great niece.
My list is too long to share.

Vicki Lane said...

What a great quilt!