Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Birthday Week: Monday

We tried to make Sue's 70th birthday special and memorable, so we had something planned for every day of the week. Since the big day was on Saturday, we truly began to up the tempo on the preceding Monday.

The ruse was that we were to meet for breakfast with some friends. We do this every now and then, so Sue didn't twig into the fact that it was to have a birthday emphasis.

When we arrived, the first thing she noticed was the balloon over the chair in which she was to sit.

She was quite surprised.

There were cards and gifts.

And chatting and pictures.

And breakfast and cake.

And Sue walked out with a balloon and a good memory.


Marie Smith said...

Such a treat! And cake for breakfast!

Kay G. said...

70? That must be a typo!!

alphabet soup said...

A week of celebrations. Wow! Happy birthday Sue.

Ms Soup

Tabor said...

When you celebrate!

Debbie said...

she can't possibly be 70 - she looks amazing!!!

Mage said...

Happy birthday Sue. :)

Jenn Jilks said...

Your honey looks so young!