Wednesday, December 28, 2016

JJ's Concert

Just as soon as we left Danica's open house, we had to skedaddle over to JJ's school for his Christmas presentation.

Things were different this year. Rather than hundreds of parents showing up en masse, and lining up at the door for a long time in cold weather to ensure good seating, there was a different plan.

We were given specific times to attend. Mind you, even then, we arrived a bit early, but hot chocolate and cookies were on offer outside the door.

Inside, classes were stationed in the hall. We would stop at each station and listen to one song. JJ's was the very first station, just inside the door. You can see the next class waiting in the background. You can also see that JJ refused to wear the towel on his head after he was teased by a friend, even though most wore theirs. Probably the teasing friend hadn't even brought a towel. Such is peer pressure.

Just before the song.

Let the performance begin.

JJ shares a post-song moment with his friend.

We moved through the various stations until we ended up in the gym where there were multiple classes that danced enthusiastically round the gym to the news of the saviour. This is Danica and JJ's friend highlighted amongst the many others who were dancing in a big circle around the gym.

It was a good way to do the Christmas assembly. It was much quicker than the usual performance where class after class is herded into the gym, and it really reduced the waiting time for the parents who could show up close to the event and not scramble for a decent seat.


Marie Smith said...

Great idea. Who could imagine a re-invent of the Christmas pageant? Great idea!

JJ is tall! Peer pressure starts early, that's for sure.

Silver Willow said...

Kudos to the staff who came up with the MUCH better plan! :)

p.s. he's adorable. ;)

Mage said...

Wonderfully imaginative. What fun.

Shammickite said...

I've been to two school concerts this year.... the kindergarten (JK and SK) concert and then the grades 1, 2, and 3 concert. Next year they'll all be at the same concert. Great fun. I love the little ones all waving to mummy!

Kerry said...

That is a clever way to do a pageant. Man, teachers work hard to organize things like this. JJ is a handsome fellow;I don't blame him for not wanting a towel on his head.

Vicki Lane said...

Such sweet pictures! And what a good way to handle a crowd!

Jenn Jilks said...

It's quite Christian, isn't it?!
Your granddaughter is gorgeous, and photographs well. Or are you an excellent photographer!???

Mara said...

I haven't got much experience with pageants. I think I was only in one ever. Think there were tea towels involved. But this looks like a thing that might catch on.

JJ is looking more handsome by the day!