Friday, December 30, 2016

Danica's Concert

Danica has moved on to a different school this year. Her previous school accommodates JK to Gr3, and then they move on to this Gr 4-6 school. With the kids being older, the celebration is more subdued. One day they had the classroom open house about which I previously posted. On the final afternoon before the break, they had a sing along led by the small choir.

Since Danica had joined the choir, we attended the event, but since the choir is small, we didn't have to fight the good fight for seating.

They choir was on the stage waiting for the rest of the school to arrive.

They rest of the school filed into the gym.

Time for the small choir to begin.

The audience could sing along by following the screen behind the choir.

The rest of the school took a few songs to warm up but then they joined in heartily: very heartily. Even with the words being timed onscreen, they tended to race ahead. The teacher had to implore them to keep time as it was throwing the choir off.

It didn't help a whole lot, but it was good to see everyone get into the spirit anyway.

And then we were done.


Mara said...

Love her hat/hair retainer/whatever it's called. And it looks like a very relaxed choir. Just the way I like it.

Marie Smith said...

How wonderful that you can participate in all the children's events. It makes for great memories!

Shammickite said...

Soon all those Christmas / New Year festivities will be history and normal life can resume!

Debbie said...

when my children were little, these events were always my favorites. no grands yet - but my great nieces will have these soon!!!

you captured them well, they are cuties!!!

Cloudia said...

Thank You for inviting us along! Nice to meet another cloud!

Silver Willow said...

She is just so precious!