Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Trip Home

After that little break (previous post) for Thanksgiving photos, I return to our recent country holiday — specifically the trip home.

Although we were bound to take the backroads, the trip home from the cottage was still much quicker than the trip there. But there were still some stops and detours.

Our first stop was also a detour as we went a bit out of our way to visit The Old Hastings Gallery in Ormsby: about 20 minutes from the cottage.

The Entrance

Just Inside the Door

An Outbuilding

After a half hour or so, we retraced the last 10 minutes or so and turned toward Bancroft from Cow Hill on Lower Faraday Road. This road is quite delightful in autumn although we avoid it in winter. I made a few quick stops to snap a few photos.

Lower Faraday Road

Lower Faraday Road

we later made an unscheduled stop on the Matawatchan Road near Camel Chute. We passed small lakes on the Madawaska River. The foliage was nice and the water was so calm that we couldn't pass the scene by.

The Madawaska River from Matawatchan Road

The Madawaska River from Matawatchan Road

The Madawaska River from Matawatchan Road

That's about it although we did see much more autumn colour on the route. We also made a quick stop in Burnstown, but we didn't find what we wanted in the store there, so we soon pushed on since time was getting on, and we had visited Burnstown several times in the past.

I didn't really time this trip, but it was more like 4.5 hours as opposed to the 7.5 hours of our trip to the cottage. Both trips were nice, however, and I would do something like them again — probably not the 7.5 hour trip, because I saw what I wanted to see and don't really need to do it again.


ADRIAN said...

Good to see the river and reflections. It is getting cold here but we have nothing as dramatic as this.

Kathleen's Blog said...

These photos are all lovely. I loved the Old Hastings Gallery, but the river photos with such calm water and the mirror reflections are just beautiful.

Country Gal said...

Fantastic photos ! Oh I do like that shop love the cow sign on the out building . Thanks for sharing and glad you had a good trip . Have a good day !

Lorna's other, not better, half said...


Vicki Lane said...

I enjoyed every bit of your journey especially the Costello Hotel and the United Bretheren Church.

Tabor said...

That gallery is wild. I would hesitate entering for fear I might not find my way out! I like the HDR treatment as it makes it even more pulsing with stuff.

EG CameraGirl said...

This is such a great time of year to take slower-than-usual road trips. There's so much beauty to enjoy and photograph.

Shammickite said...

The Hastings gallery is certainly packed tight with merchandise! Aren't we lucky to live in such a beautiful province?

troutbirder said...

What gorgeous fall photos.. We're just hitting our peak now in southern Minnesota.

Mage said...

Just beautifully magical stuff. Thanks.