Sunday, August 30, 2015

Life is Sometimes a Walk in the Park

Sue and I visit Riverside Park along the banks of the Ontario Mississippi River quite frequently. But it is usually in the afternoon. One evening last week, we went for a little stroll. We don't get a direct sunset there, but the clouds did pick up some light from the low sun beyond the trees. ↓

We spent a few minutes on the little dock. This one is temporary and for boats to make a quick landing. The main launch is at the other end of the park.

Sue snapped a few photos including the one of me below.
I am doing a little chimping after taking a photo. Chimping is an in word for admiring your photos on the LCD screen.
To more peeks from under the trees from different spots at different times,

I imagine that our next visit will find us munching a picnic lunch at our usual spot. But not this week because we're on kid duty once more. School starts up again next week, and we'll have ten months of that routine before we do it all over again.


Audrey said...

Magnifique endroit !

Lorna Cunningham-Rushton said...


TexWisGirl said...

oh, i loved these - including the shots of both of you.

Vicki Lane said...

Beautiful! Your indirect sunset is magnificent!