Saturday, July 04, 2015

Daytrip: Kilborn's, Newboro and the Locks

We've lived in this area for a decade but had not yet managed a trip to Kilborn's in Newboro. However, when looking for a specific item last week and having heard much about the place,we made the trek.

Newboro is a tiny hamlet, part of the Rideau Lakes municipality. When we pulled to the store, it too seemed to be tiny, and I wondered what could be so grand about it. But there were also about ten cars parked in front, so it did seem to hold some promise.

When I parked the car in front of the left side of the photo ↓ by the main door, I thought that was all that there was to Kilborn's. However, once inside, I was impressed enough to go back to the care for my camera, and I took this photo. ↓

It was then that I realized that almost the whole block had been swallowed up by the store, which appears to be an amalgamation of 4 or 5 buildings. In fact, the whole thing is wide enough to require two shots (then merged into one) in order to get it all in the frame — and that was with a wide angle lens!

Because of the various building merges there are a number of different levels as you move from one part of the business to another. This was a main staircase. ↓

As you might expect, women's fashions rule the day, but there are other sections such as a small furniture section, a christmas room, a food area, and a men's section etc. There is even a log hut in the furniture area, but it is roped off in such a way that I couldn't get a decent photo. This is about the sum total of the men's shop. ↓

There is a western area, but it was mostly for women as well as far as I could see. ↓

There were all sorts of interesting corners.

Mission accomplished: Sue was able to find the Tilley hat that was the main reason for the trip.

Kitty Corner (or katty korner, catty corner, or whatever)  to the store was this rather grand house with an impressive roof. ↓

We found that we were near several of the Rideau Locks, so we drove to Chaffey's Lock ↓  ...

... and then to Davis Lock, just because we could.

We were also close to Westport, but we chose to head home where we grabbed a very nice supper from Cravings, which we took to Riverside Park to enjoy. I had the fish and chips and liked the crispy, well cooked batter (no mushy goo). Sue enjoyed the schnitzel.

If you live in this region and haven't made this particular pilgrimage before, you might enjoy it. There is a restaurant beside Kilborn's called the Stage Coach Inn, about which I have heard some good things although we didn't try it. Perhaps on another day. Or you could take a picnic lunch to enjoy at one of the locks, or even eat out in Westport.


Mara said...

That was a real Tardis of a shop! And all throughout I kept thinking: Cuppa must have been happy there!

Tabor said...

I probably would not leave that store without buying something. Inventory must be a nightmare though. Lovely countryside and the weather looks cool!

TexWisGirl said...

i think another blogger has shown this store a few years back as it looks (and sounds) very familiar. i think i'd like perusing there, too.

ADRIAN said...

The locks look as if they are worth a longer visit. Do they have any commercial traffic these days?

Anvilcloud said...

This is purely a recreational canal now.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I would go to the store and area just for the day's outing, even if not shopping for anything. But then, given the size and variety of items it's quite possible something would tempt me. Sue's hat looked it the ine she bought?

EG CameraGirl said...

This looks a delightful place for a day trip! I wish I lived a tad closer!