Saturday, May 18, 2013

Anniversary Picnic

As you know if you read the previous post, yesterday was our anniversary. Since we still had to be around to get Danica off the school bus, we weren't able to do much or to go far. It was just as well because when did decide to take a picnic lunch to the riverside, we were reduced to shivering in the cold. It looks nice enough in the photos, but in point of fact it was windy and cool.

You can't count on the weather on this holiday weekend. It was also blasted windy 44 years ago. It was cloudier and rainier then, however, and the rest of the weekend looks promising.

I had thought to bring my tripod and decided to memorialize our anniversary picnic by setting it up and taking some remote photos. I angled the camera to include the park along the riverbank, but as you can see, this angle caused Sue to look like a midget beside me.

We're supposed to be gazing across the river, Sue.

Look at the imaginary birdie.

Wave to the camera.

So I moved the tripod and took a few more with the beautiful water treatment plant in the background.


Let's pucker up for a little anniversary kiss. Uh, can't reach that far. Damn.
After that stretch we were so tired that we went home for a nap. And nap we did, unlike 44 years ago.


Lorna said...

your genius anniversary picnic! Too bad you spilled your coffee there at the end. I would be more careful if I were you.

Donna said...

Oh, These are fun!!! And I think there's a certain, romantic feel to a water plant...yep...Hahahaa

Pearl said...

even the effort looks fun.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doesn't everyone who has made it through over 40 years of wedded bliss look forward to a nap? Your picnic looked like a nice outing.

Kila said...

Always enjoy your photos :)

Happy Anniversary!!