Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers Day and a Sick Kid

Sue's Mothers Days have entered their fourth decade. I am not sure how I got married to such an old woman.

When we arrived for lunch Danica was sucking on an electrolytic popsicle ↑↑ because she hadn't been able to keep any food or drink down after throwing up 13 times yesterday.

After brunch when Eric and I managed to combine to cook bacon, eggs, hash browns and biscuits, Grandma got to open her gift with loads of help from JJ. ↓↓

Then, Amma and Danica had a little lap time.

But she was not her usual, boisterous self.

And Dani and Mom were soon seen having a protracted snuggle on the couch. After a hot week, a cold front has blown in, and it was darn chilly, so they huddled under a blanket.

Meanwhile, Jonathan enjoyed looking at his reflection in the monitor.

And that's how Mothers Day 2013 went down.


Lorna said...

OK, so I looked up the Zac & Rachel label, as it looked like Sue got pyjamas for mothers' day, but they apparently only make blouses. I hope she wears hers when she comes to town on Thursday.
The poor poppet! She definitely didn't look herself. Of course, it wasn't really kind of you to have bacon when she was sick. Looking forward to your Fathers' Day report.

Donna said...

Hope she feels better Soon Ac! Not Fun!
JJ does not look thrilled...Hahaaaa

KGMom said...

So, Mother's Day was IN FACT mothers' day.
While I hate it when kids are sick, it does give us time to cuddle with them. Moments to be treasured.

Mary Gilmour said...

Poor kidlet - hope she does not pass it on to brother or buppa, let alone the mothers.

Shammickite said...

Sorry she was feeling poorly.... hope she is better. I spent my mothers day meeting up with DIL and her mum at the ice cream shop, and looking out of the window at blizzard conditions blowing horizontally past the window. Where did spring go? No I didn't have an ice cream, I had a hot chocolate!

Ruth said...

Hope you are all well. That was a nasty cold snap after summer-like temps.

Jinksy said...

A bit of a win some, lose some, kind of day then. :0) I do hope the sickness bug is long gone, and hasn't spread to the rest of the family.