Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Musings About Health and Winter

AC continues to be a bad blogger by neglecting this place a lot lately.

We are more or less done with the viruses that affected the family over Christmas. Danica has settled back in to school, and winter continues to hold sway in these parts.

I have had a number of minor health issues. There was some worry that they were linked in some way, but they were in fact simply a number of unrelated conditions. Well, there is one common factor, that being that I am 65 and various things happen in various bodily places.

It seems that the ticker is fine all things considered, so other things can be dealt with, even if the "dealing" just means living with the inconvenience. We spent much time in two different hospitals yesterday, and the two issues of concern were pronounced minor, so I am happy enough to be left to deal with the usual trials and tribulations of life.

I mentioned above that we are having quite a winter here. We have had quite a bit of snow, which I rather like if truth be told. For my taste, a snowy winter beats an icy or slushy one. Naturally I have pictures to share. These are from Blakeny a little corners with a bridge and conservation area that we visited for a little while last Saturday.

I find that those more milder climes often fret about the cold when I post winter photos, but the odd thing is that when we dress properly for the weather that we are generally comfortable. Mind you, we are wise enough to stay indoors during the worst weather.

Winter can be both beautiful and invigorating. I guess I am entering the winter of my life or close enough to it and any rate, and I still find reasons to enjoy life.

The Mississippi River is in the foreground and the bridge over it to the left.

This is taken from the road bridge and looking into a foot bridge within the conservation area.

The entrance to the conservation area was plowed as far as the outhouse, which was actually open for use.

Once inside the conservation area, Sue and I merely followed the tracks that others had laid.

I felt as though this tree was welcoming us with open arms.

Eventually it was time to get back in the car and head home after a satisfying outing.


Ginger said...

Breathtakingly beautiful photos. And I am enjoying them from here in warm, sunny California!

Glad to hear that your health hasn't gone catty-whompus.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad to read that there are no serious health issues, John, and no need to go into long details. We are both entering our 64th year in 2013 so can appreciate only minor inconveniences. We also enjoy snow and winter, although there is less of it where we currently reside, hence our desire to relocate. Thanks for sharing these snow photos and the last was my favorite today.

Mara said...

It would have been a rather cold greeting by that tree though: once he hugged you, all the snow would have been in the back of your coat!

I agree, people always worry about the cold, but it is a case of dressing up warm. Even in the Netherlands I would get comments if I wore a scarf and a hat and thick gloves, asking me if I were cold. No, I would have been cold without those things though...

Diana said...

Such beautiful winter scenes. I've always loved the winter especially w/ snow. We don't get much in Southern Illinois but did in Chicago.
I find that it's very peaceful walking in the winter.
I'm sorry to here of the health issues and hope you are doing better.The body doesn't always cooperate with the mind after a certain age. That can be frustrating and scary.
Love Di ♥

RV Vagabonds said...

Getting older can be the pits at time but it always beats the alternative.

I enjoy your winter snow photos (especially the drive home one) but that's as close to snow as I want to get these days.

troutbirder said...

Catching up on your most recent posts John. The snowy landscapes are very lovely. I like winter snow as well. Ice and slush not so much. Having my share of relatively minor aging agrivations as well lately, when they accumulate and persist they can just wear one down. The key is to keep on truckin...:)

Donna said...

I'm so Glad they only found minor things!!
That's a heap of snow...lame, I know!!Hahaaa

Ruth said...

I love sunny, wintery days. Your pictures capture the beauty so well. My advice to you is to stay away from hospitals! Keep well.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

You do have a lot more snow that we have here. Today is a starting to disappear due to a Winter thaw and rain. No doubt you are getting some of this too.

I love your Mississippi river. It looks quite healthy. It is certainly doing a lot better than the US river by the same name. It is suffering from the drought and sadly they are predicting more drought this year

Don't fret to much over health issues.

Mary Gilmour said...

The last photo is a timeless beauty. Love it. I, too, love the look of the snow. Do not love the load on the roofs, however. Nor JG up on the ridgepole with a shovel, reducing the weight.
Today is not an outside day - but, so far, we have avoided being coated with too much ice.
Agree with you about dressing for winter - the modern fabrics and insulating materials are technical wonders, and not heavy, either.

KGMom said...

Tell me about being 65 (and plus in my case) and this business of aging. Groan. Creeky knees, faulty ticker...blecchhh.

Thank you so for the pictures of snow. We used to have snow--but this winter we are mostly concentrating on rain--wet miserable cold crappy rain. And it is never pretty.

ChrisB said...

These are beautiful photos AC. I also enjoyed the ones on Cuppas posts.
Our weather forecast is for snow tomorrow (if they are correct it will be out first fall!) One thing I can guarantee it won't look beautiful like yours!

Sue said...

Gorgeous photos! Glad to know the health things are minor, but several minor complaints can be quite frustrating. Hope they are sorted out soon. The trouble with living in a mostly warm country is that our houses are not built for cold weather, and heating them is both ineffective and horrendously expensive. But yes, we do tend to complain rather out of proportion!

Ginnie said...

I think your weather is much healthier than ours is, AC. Today is actually in the hugh 70's and I hope we don't have another warm winter ... it brought on lots of illnesses last year.
Lovely pictures.

Bernie said...

Beautiful photos AC, so pretty. I too like winter, don't mind the snow in fact I enjoy snowy days but I don't really like the brutally cold days. I am still laughing from watching your videa, I enjoyed seeing you all tobogganing. Looked like much fun. xo

Regenia said...

You really should publish your photography!

I totally enjoyed the pictures of the kids playing in the snow. What memories they are building up!

Hilary said...

So glad to know that your health issues are not of a major concern.

Lovely pics. Our snow has been rained away over the weekend. I'll be just as happy if we don't start over anytime soon.

Pearl said...

health is tricky to sort. googling symptoms while sleepless is no good route for it tho. :p

We came down with xmas viruses too.

glad things are stabilizing there.

Judy said...

Wow. So there REALLY is winter, somewhere.
That picture of the road is stunning. I could stare at it all day, and maybe I will, as I've no grandkids today. Haven't been able to say THAT in a looooong time.
Glad your health news was good.

Cathy said...

Wow. That last one! Shot of the winter !

Iona said...

Lovely images! Take care :)