Monday, January 28, 2013

A List of Nothing

For want of something better, here is a list of what is going on, or more appropriately what is not going on around here.
  • My blasted sore throat has returned with a vengeance. It had more or less abated for a few days after lingering since Christmas.
  • Actually, the throat is beginning to abate, and a cold is emerging. This is how colds and flus begin with me — with a sore throat.
  • Sue opines that this cold is down to me. Usually the kids bring illnesses home, but I am the only one under the weather this time.
  • Speaking of the weather, it is so changeable lately. It was frigid last week with temps going down to -40 on either scale. Now, it's snowing, but we can expect both rain and freezing rain in the next few days. Freezing rain is the worst.
  • Due to the weather, we have been more or less hibernating. We attempted a walk in the park on the weekend, but it was so icy and slippery that we soon turned back.
  • Since Christmas or very close to it, we have watched all ten seasons of the British drama, MI-5. We watched on Netflix. Try it if you can. Season One was a bit slow, but the series took off soon after.
  • We have just begun watching The Hour, another British series, but it is only six episodes long.
  • I just started reading, The Price of Stones, my third consecutive non-fiction. The first two had to do with religion. I discussed the second was, God's Problem by Bart Ehrman on my previous blog post.
  • But wait ... I forgot there was a fictional piece after Ehrman's book: An Unknown Grave by Charles Todd: a Bess Crawford mystery set in WWI. She is an army nurse but has military connections through her colonel father. These connections are helpful in the solving of mysteries.
  • The Price of Stones is Twesigye Jackson Kaguri's biography of building a school for AIDS orphans in Uganda. It was co-authored by Susan Urbanek Linville. I think it will be a good follow-up to God's Problem, as it is one person's efforts to help alleviate suffering and provide a better life for the orphans.
  • Speaking of books, I received a Photoshop book last week. It was on a topic that I want to know more about, so I ordered it online. I think it's terrible and wish to exchange it. Apparently, they will do this, but still, I ordered the book, and they delivered it. So perhaps I should just live with it? Hmmm.
  • The NHL is back after the lockout. It's nice to be distracted by the occasional hockey game on tv. Actually, right now I can be distracted as much as I want because NHL pay tv is free for a little while, and I could view multiple games on any night. I don't, of course. The free month is a sop to the fans for the irritation of the lockout.
So, as you can plainly see read, life is pretty dull during our winter hibernation. One more deadly winter month to go before we begin to get some improvements.


Mary Gilmour said...

It'a so bad I'm knitting. Cabin fever squared.
Hope your cold is a quick and mild one!

Anonymous said...

I will have to compile a list of other British series available to you on netflix. We use netflix alot. I really like hum-drum old films... or a good old 80's rom com!
We have had some bad wether, in comparison to your weather it was nothing but I make myself feel better by saying that you expect it and are used to it. We are not, even though we should be! THe snow has now thawed and is replaced by heavy rain and winds... so bring on the floods!
I hope you and Cuppa and the family are keeping well. :)

Regenia said...

You called it a list of nothing but I I'm walking away with some books to investigate and some British programs to check out on Netflix. Thank you.

We like the British series. A family friend from London was visiting this past summer and gave me a list of British programs she thought I might enjoy. When I find the list I will share it!

Lorna said...

I love lists---thank you for showing me how interesting they can be.

Ruth said...

Hope you are on the mend. The weather is wretched this week in my opinion as I dread freezing rain. Perfect weather for reading a good book.

Hilary said...

More interesting than life around here. Hope you're feeling better before too long.

KGMom said...

Sounds as though your list is your version of Bart Ehrman's thesis--the problem of suffering.
Either that, or you have cabin fever.

Janet said...

Hope you get over your cold soon. Being sick makes the weather seem so much worse. Our weather has been bizarre. We had an ice storm on Friday which shut everything down for 2 days, then yesterday it was 65. As we speak there is a monsoon outside my window. Given that we are in a landlocked state, it's an impressive amount of wind and water. I am amazed I still have power. It's supposed to snow again on Friday. I started watching Downton Abbey last week. I watched Season 1 on Tuesday, Season 2 on Friday and Saturday, and got caught up with the 4 episodes of Season 3 Sunday and Monday. Productivity was severely limited. I'd love to see MI-5, but I imagine things would suffer.

Mara said...

Now I know where I got that sore throat/approaching cold from. All the way from Canada! I thank you!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

That list doesn't sound like nothings to me either. I have read several of Charles Todd's books, the ones featuring Inspector Rutledge and enjoyed all very much. Netflix has become my choice of evening viewing to relax as we do not subscribe to TV service. Right now I am watching CSI Miami.

Jinksy said...

I resort to my crochet hooks at this bleak time of year - don't need to look out the window at the greyness if your eyes are on your twiddling fingers! LOL :)

Saeed Zia said...
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