Sunday, July 29, 2012


There is a small display of railway memorabilia crowded into a corner of the building that was once an old railway repair centre but is now a wool grading station. I finally got around to paying a visit with my camera but was pleasantly surprised to actually see some railway cars outside. I was surprised as the line has fallen into disuse and is being pulled up for whatever reason makes whatever sense to whomever, and we are no longer used to seeing railway cars. Naturally, I stopped to snap a few pics before I headed inside.

The coupling end of a freight car.

The cars were sitting amongst the Queen Anne's Lace. Call it a train of lace if you will.

These ties have been pulled up from somewhere or other. The cars that they were or will be loaded onto stand waiting.
After baking in the hot sun and not getting any good photos in the dreaded, flat afternoon light, I headed indoors to grab whatever other mediocre photos that I could.

This mirror is set up to resemble the window of a former telegraph office. You can see that this is a multi-use room where the clothing displays from both the equestrian shop and clothing shops occupy much more room that the railway displays. Sadly.
A "tree" of old signalling lanterns.

A push cart once used to ride workers along the rails.
Bored Boarder. I guess the cat has the option of paying 25 cents or one mouse for his lodgings, and if he catches a mouse, he won't need to bother with the 25 cents for eating. He or she was a very cool and calm sort of feline because I was using my wide angle lens, so I was very close when taking this picture.
An old immigration poster that was used in Britain. I wonder if my forebears were influenced by such advertisements?
Finally, here's some funny looking guy looking at funny looking you.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Oh dear, when Grenville sees this post, he will be planning a trip to see these old cars and station. We will be looking for that buy in the last photo too.

Lorna said...

As usual, your photos are wonderful. I even like the train of lace.

Diana said...

Some very interesting shots there A.C. I like trains very much. And that was one Kool Kat !!
Love Di ♥

Donna said...

You never know where your camera is going to carry you next! Neat station!
I like that lens cover!

Jinksy said...

That's a collection I'd like to get mu hand on - literally - all those shapes and textures!

Anonymous said...

Like Beatrice said, I'm on my way. I like the lantern tree the best. So glad that someone saw fit to reuse this great building. Maybe if we talk nice they will let us take the 'rail bike' out for a ride.

Mara said...

I remember my brother and his wife and two friends of them went to Canada and took their bikes along. They then cycled along a disused train-track that had been converted into a bike track and camped along the way. I think I did still see the traintracks in the photos though.

Ginnie said...

Somehow your pictures made me sad. You could just imagine how it was a bustling, exciting place in the years gone by ... just another era replaced by "progress".