Saturday, November 06, 2010

Not From Holland

So you see it there to the bottom left? Yes siree, sitting on my shelf among other keepsakes is a desktop calendar all the way from Holland The Netherlands. It came from Mara who, as the top-rated bus driver in Holland The Netherlands, really gets around. In the calendar are twelve photos that Mara has taken on her journeys.

She sent it because I left a comment at the appropriate time. This is the third parcel that I have received from fellow bloggers over the years, the others being a piece of pottery from Dave and a cookbook from Donna. Early on in this blogs life, I also exchanged postcards with some in a little experiment that was only moderately successful. In addition, there has been some exchanging of Christmas cards, but I think it's a little too early to think about that little thing yet this year.

Thank you, Mara for gifting this poor Canadian all of the way from Holland The Netherlands: it's very well done and much appreciated.

And if anybody else feels like sending ... oh ... nevermind ...

As for the title and the strikeouts, that's one of the many things that I have learned from Mara. Apparently, Holland is only a part of The Netherlands. I always wondered about that, and I'm being serious — for once.


Donna said...

What a sweet thing to have done! Nice lady!
And it's NEVER TOOOO early to mention Christmas!!Hahaa
Got your list ready??
Happy weekend Ac!

Diana said...

Nice calender, I'll bet there are many interesting photos in it. That little white rock statue next to it is quite intriguing. You may send it to me if you like! Love Di ♥

Anvilcloud said...

Cuppa made the Inukshuk from rock from a quarry that used to be nearby and accessible, but now it's no longer accessible. They closed the quarry and moved the road.

Iniukshuk in Wikipedia
Inukshuk images

Hilary said...

Nice. I've wondered about the Holland/Netherlands thing too. And the UK/Great Britain thing as well.

Mara said...

Saying Holland instead of the Netherlands is like saying Alberta instead of Canada or Pennsylvania instead of the United States of America.

Great Britain is comprised of three countries: Scotland, Wales and England. The United Kingdom is comprised of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The biggest mistake you can make in that country though is saying you're in England when you're in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. And they WILL tell you!

Mara said...

Oh, and thanks for the thank you post!

Kay L. Davies said...

I have to learn how to do that underlining thingy. Nifty, if I don't get addicted to it and use it all the time. The old fingers ain't what they useta be, and typos happen constantly.
I see Mara's calendar in your photo, next to your Inukshuk. She did do a good job, didn't she?
Thank you for visiting my blog via Mara's. I've sent you a brief (for me) e-mail saying thank you, also, and pointing out that my snowfall photos were from last December.
And Mara is right about the Great Britain thing, too, but the Scots carry it one step further. When my family visited Scotland, my father and I met some people who said, "Thank God you're Canadians. We get too damn many Brits and Yanks around here."
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Norma said...

Not to forget what you have done for other bloggers--I use a photo of you for an art class.

Anvilcloud said...

@Norma -- the bird on my head. I remember.

@Kay -- I think maybe you got a calendar too. Nice, eh?

Kila said...

What a nice gift!

Mara, thank you for your informative comment!

I'd be happy to exchange cards/postcards/gifts, etc.

Ginnie said...

The interchange with our blogger friends is something I treasure. It's hard to explain it to one who does not blog but we all "get" it.

Bernie said...

What a lovely gift.....and there are a few of us blogging friends who still keep in touch by snail mail and cards. I love it......:-) Hugs

PS: I miss the kids today, xo

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

If the stores are any indicators, then it's not too arly for Christmas, AC. Count me in as one who DOES still send holiday greetings, I mean Christmas cardsSeems that every year, as fewer and fewer folks participate these days - probably because of the rising postal costs.

Lorna said...

That is a lovely calendar. And a handy reminder to remember that there is a difference between Holland and the Netherlands. It was NOT however, an opportunity to share that awesome strikeout thing. Why?