Friday, September 19, 2008

Sweatshirts and Margarine

I couldn't hack it last night and got up after an hour or so to put on a sweatshirt. It was so flippin cold that I had to do something. I am tempted to turn the furnace on for tonight. The day will be fine because it will warm up nicely while the sun shines, but the temperatures will probably plummet again when darkness falls.

In a typical year we try to last until near the end of October before we relent and turn the furnace on. Ideally, we'd like to make it until November first, but we never do. So, what in tarnation is going on to make me consider starting the furnace in the middle of September?

Just this: last night our house went down to 14°C (57°F) or colder because that's what our thermostat registered at almost eight o'clock after the sun was already up and supposedly beginning its work. Brrr.

So out came the sweatshirt last night because we still have only one flimsy, summer-weight blanket on the bed. And this morning found me searching the fridge for margarine. While I'm a butter sort of guy, I do prefer something that actually spreads on my toast on cold mornings as opposed to the butter which turns into a hard brick. And I said to Cuppa while we chattered our teeth at each other that this seems like mid-October weather rather than mid-September. Let's hope that we catch a bit of a break in the next month. Autumn is supposed to be a pleasant and enjoyable season after all.


Jules said...

I LOVE the cooler house at night for sleeping. I sleep so much better. Our house is very chilly in the winter at night - goes down to 16. Ron doesn't like it much but he has learned to pull the duvet up to his neck and live with it. It drives him nuts that it's that chilly in the house and I still don't use covers. Maybe there is something wrong with me! ha ha

Have a great weekend, AC!

Ruth said...

Put more blankets on the bed and leave the furnace off til it snows. I like waking with a cold nose. It was 4C here last night but it never got cold in the house.

loren dunston said...

Hi, Referring to your last post, have you heard of The Mitford Series by Jan Karon? It's gentle, comtemporary fiction-- a nice bedtime read. The first book is "At Home in Mitford."

I also loved the James Herriot books and of course, Anne of Green Gables.

Emily Dunston (friend of Ginger.)

megz_mum said...

We try and hold off using the airconditioning for as long as possible. So far so good, but summer hits very suddenly, as your winter does

ChrisB said...

It's already getting pretty cool here at night but remains reasonable during the day. Well these last couple of days it's actually been pretty warm in the day around 70f. I try and delay the heating for as long as possible but my mother does find it very cold so I usually give in sometime during Oct.

womaninawindow said...

HA! Here's the count: one t-shirt, one sweatshirt, one sweater, three blankets, one additional wool one and I got up cold and threw a very heavy old comforter on top of that. At that point I couldn't even make out where my husband was in the bed. Oh well, finally warm enough.

ExpatKat said...

ExpatOwl just said to me the other night that perhaps it was time to put the thicker duvets on our bed. We never have the heating on at night and try to last out as long as poss with the furnace. The gas fire only gets a run if it reaches 0C or below (much to the kids annoyance.) I also have brushed cotton sheets that get dragged out when it snows, to make us feel really cosy at night.
Not prepared to start this process quite yet though. It's not October yet!

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for summer.. I guess I may have missed the boat on that one. :-)