Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Few Photos

In order to break my silence of the last few days, I'll post a few photos today. The first two are from a weekend walk at the nearby Mill of Kintail. The third is of the river in town and was taken last week.

I called this first picture Ancient Guardian on my Flickr site. Both Cuppa and I noticed that it looked something a crocodile head when we walked past, but I think it looks more mythological in the photo. You might want to see this one larger. Just click on it, and it will open in a new window (as will the next two).

Ancient Guardian

The next photo was taken not too far away from the previous one. It is Indian River that you see.


The original of the next photo is quite large. I usually downsize photos that I upload directly to Blogger, but I forgot this time. However, it is more effective viewed large. While this is more or less true for all photos, it is more than less true for this one (all in this post in fact) where I have tried to render a bit of painting effect. Anyway, as I said before it is of our local river, looking west (more or less).


Ruth said...

I like the pictures. You have captured the sparkles of light in the water perfectly. The early fall colours peek through the second picture. I will touch that "crocodile". Dead trees and stumps are so important for the creatures who live in these areas.

Anonymous said...

My goodness.. the photos are lovely! The creature looks kind of dragonish to me. What a find!

Amanda said...

Great pictures! And i have to agree, that old tree looks like a crocodile!

PBS said...

Beautiful photos! I really like how the texture of the tree bark stands out and the water, too.

mreddie said...

Interesting photos - the first one seems to show several faces - and I agree with coll on the dragon. ec