Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Results

I wrote about the MMP referendum the other day, and the results are in.

With more than 63% of the voters choosing to keep the present system, it wasn't even close. This morning on CBC, they were dissecting that a bit. Experts were saying that people hadn't been given enough information. I guess they're right because, ironically, this morning was the most that I have heard about it — on CBC or just about anywhere else. Oh, I might have just missed it earlier; they might have debated it ad nauseum for all I know. I'm just saying that this guy sure didn't hear much prior discussion about the referendum.

In terms of actual elections results, the Liberals in what appears, at first blush, to be a landslide took 71 of the 107 available seats. That's 66% of the total number of seats, and that seems impressive. The thing is that under our first-past-the-post system, they were able to achieve that with only 42% of the vote. My goodness: what a disparity!

I'm happy enough with the results in a way because the Liberals are a relatively benign and well-meaning group (in my opinion). That doesn't, however, exactly make the system fair. It's just that the MMP proposal didn't seem like an attractive alternative to most people. Including me.

I wonder if there will be a new proposal in the future. If so, I hope it's less cumbersome and only requires us to vote once. Although I didn't mention it in my MMP post of the other day, among other things, I really didn't care for the two-vote idea. I think people should make up their minds and stick to their guns.

Enough of politics though! Back we must go to our regularly scheduled programming.


Ruth said...

The headlines in this morning's paper say voter turnout was the lowest ever for this week's election. The outcome proved it to be a rather useless exercise. You are right about there being more discussion post election about the referendum and other issues that should have been in the forefront.

Dale said...


It's a word derived from the Greek word "poly" meaning "many," and "tics" which are bloodsucking parasites.

Harsh, I know. But at times not far off the mark.

Pearl said...

Yes, the press for info seemed to catch mainstream attention too little too late. There was a lot of heated language, not as much level pro and con discussion that I saw.

What will it take for people to care about politics, even how it works already, let alone new ways it could work.

Pam said...

Hey, I like Dales comment!

Ginnie said...

Hi AC...not a word about politics. Just wanted to let you know that I am in NY State visiting my daughter & husband (the violin players) and last night we saw a concert by Natalie MacMaster from Cape Breton. I wonder if you've heard her? She's an outstanding fiddler and dancer. I will blog about it when I get home.

cat59 said...

Well, I must confess that I did not read a word about the MMP. Just wanted to stop by and say I enjoyed the Thanksgiving photos and hope you are feeling better!

Coll said...

It worries me when I hear of how low the voting turnout was/is. We take so much for granted in this country.

Glad to hear you are ok with the Liberals getting in.

Mary said...

Oh, the election. It is old news now but I was very disappointed in the voter turnout. More than half the people I know didn't bother to vote, which I find appalling. They all had their excuses but that doesn't make it right. I told all of them not to complain if they didn't vote.

Dropped over to thank you for stopping by and commenting on my post about Women's History Month in Canada.

Have a great day.