Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Mill of Kintail

Sunday: it looked like a nice day from inside the house, so I proposed to Cuppa that we drive up to the Mill of Kintail for a bit of a walk early in the afternoon. She was quite enthusiastic about the notion and even packed a picnic lunch. Which we had to eat in the car because, despite looking nice from inside, it was rather windy and cold out — too cold to contemplate eating sandwiches outside. But then we headed into the woods for our little walk and were pleased to find that it was calm and, therefore, relatively warm in the shelter of the trees.

We've been to The Mill a number or times and posted a number of pictures, but every day is just a bit different, and so here are some more. I took the two pictures of Cuppa standing on the bridge. That's the old house in the background of the first; the actual mill is long gone.

From the bridge, Cuppa took the next two photos of me. I really like the one through the slats.

Cuppa took this from along the path.

On the way out, I took the next and final photo of the chapel where some outdoor summer weddings occur.

It was a good thing to have done. It's nice to have a spot like this within reasonable distance.


Ginger said...

What a pretty day! It looks like a very pleasant walk.

ChrisB said...

Looks a very pretty place to take an autumn walk. Eating sandwiches in the car is a small price to pay. Lovely photos as always.