Tuesday, November 30, 2004

To Say the Least

To say the least, life can be ironical at times. Several blogs back, I mentioned how much I appreciated using the computer to enhance and develop interests that I already possess. Normally, I utilize the computer quite a bit. I don't surf much, but I write blogs, read blogs and newspapers, write email, do web pages, and work on photos. Other uses also present themselves from time to time. Lately, for example, I have been working on my annual Christmas card.

The great irony, however, is that shortly after posting that particular blog, I almost completely lost interest in being at the computer. I guess we reach a saturation point every now and then, and I must have reached mine.

Perhaps fatigue set in: not just computer fatigue but fatigue in general. Usually, I am a late night kind of guy. Usually, I stay up for an hour, two hours, or longer after my wife has gone to bed. Usually, I can be productive during those late-night/early-morning sessions. Lately, I have been going to bed earlier and rising just as late. Lately, I have been tired early in the evening: to the point where doing anything that requires a dram of mental exertion seems beyond me. Lately, computer-related tasks have seemed onerous rather than stimulating.

It did not help at all that my web host began to act up during that time. First, my email accounts began to work sporadically and, then, not at all. Soon, files that I had recently uploaded disappeared. Then, new files became impossible to upload. They would appear to upload, but would only list as empty files afterward.

As my beloved pointed out this morning, there almost seems to be plague transpiring. Two blogs that we read: Rayne Today and Real Live Preacher have both had blog crashes and are trying to rebuild their stuff. At times like this, computers become a source of utter frustration rather than the convenient assistants that they are meant to be.

Maybe I'm getting over it. At least, my whole website didn't go down in flames. At least, my blogs remain intact. At least, I am able to summon both the stamina and desire to write a short blog this morning. At least, I have been able to print all of the Christmas cards that I plan to print. At least, I am looking forward to catching up on several other tasks this afternoon.

At least I can sometimes appreciate life's ironies and chuckle over them. Eventually, at least.


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