Wednesday, November 24, 2004

In My PJs on a Rainy Afternoon

Cuppa, at Brown Betty, recently posted a blog about quiet rainy days, and how she goes upstairs to do her thing and how I go (or stay) downstairs to do mine.

Usually, however, I don't do what I have done today. Here it is, mid-afternoon, and I'm still in my PJs. Of course, as winter draws nearer, my pyjamas consist of a sweatshirt and trackpants. It doesn't make much difference that I'm still wearing jammies, for, when I do get around to dressing, I will still be in a sweatshirt and trackpants. (In case you fret about such things, these PJs will be in the wash and not in the bed tonight.)

What do I do on days like this? Well, many interests of mine are tied to computers. I work on and print the family photo album using the computer. Of course, I also use the computer to write, blog, and read. This morning I worked on a lesson involving animation techniques using Dreamweaver. If you want to check (hint, hint), take a look. Once there, click the NEXT links to access the two pages after the first one too. Then, I worked on a web page for a local church: strictly volunteer work of course. Drat!

It's not really that I'm an obsessed geek. Rather, it's that the computer fits really well with the kinds of things that I already like to do. For example: I have always had a passing interest in photography — long before computers entered my life. Now, in the digital age, I am able to expand that interest. The computer has been a great tool by assisting me to do things that I already like to do. Operating systems and the like don't hold much interest for me, but, when a computer application synchronizes with my existing interests, like writing — this blog, for example — I really appreciate it and love to utilize it.

... Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go and change into my day clothes.

PS: Has it been a rainy day everywhere? I have seen more fresh blog-postings than normal.


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